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Basically because you need 2 computers (client and server) whenever you activate any feature.

Yes indeed, plus all the internet routers in between, plus georeplication between data centers, plus monitoring to centralize all the information to give a global picture to engineers and management. And you also need energy and resources to host all the developers with all the perks of a top position in a tech company to monitor and maintain the infrastructure.

In comparison, SSB clients can use the Internet routers only for the delta updates which happen only once per piece of data and many of our developers have much more frugal lifestyles. If we use propagation algorithms based on physical proximity between smartphones, we can do away with the routers entirely. I have not tried to do back-of-the-envelope calculations yet but I suspect we use several orders of magnitude less energy and there is still significant potential for improvements.

A whole system comparative analysis of energy flow could be an interesting paper for the future!

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While i am agree with you @elavoie about the symptoms, i am not agree with the strategy (wating for the sun and let the big ones burn the planet and peoples :) ).

Sorry, it is in french but i can share this document about the social and ecological cost of the "cloud" :

It is a nice peace of work from CGT comrades ;)

Meanwhile, are you aware of some reseach about evaluating the cost of a p2p system if a large amount of the population subscribe ? Maybe 1.15W by "a lot of people" will be more than the contemporary centralized systems ? Let me play the devil's advocate here :)

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