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We're looking for a part-time office manager (Auckland, NZ - no remote for this one - ~20h/wk) #jobs


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@neftaly do you have a job listing or more details? That would make it easier to pass this on.

e.g. I love the photo, and who are these people, how many people is the space, what would they be managing?


@mix No official listing, sorry! It's our company office, 20-30 of us. Basically we need someone to help:
๐ŸŽ‚ Organize birthday cakes
๐Ÿงป Make sure we have enough TP
๐Ÿœ Put together shared lunches and snacks
๐Ÿงน Schedule the cleaners
๐ŸŽผ Set up playlists

Uhhh I don't know if that's enough info. Here's the Facebook post:


I'll fwd anyone who might be a lead that info @neftaly

@dangerousbeans @dominic dod you have any friends in Auckland who might be a good fit ?

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