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Oh I recently read Story of your Life and Others! Indeed, very good. My favorites were the one about the tower of babylon (forget the title) "hell is the absense of god", and "72 letters". @jiangplus gave me the book, and I have since lent it to @neftaly.

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A little spoilery for the story only:

Ted Chiang's general style is "posit a contrafactual and then write a story with it". In "Story of Your Life" on which Arrival is based there are two core contrafactuals: Strong Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is true and this combined with a different interpretation of Fermat's principle of least time leads to... stuff.

In the movie they completely removed all the "math" and "physics" bits. They represented linguists in the most faithful way to date (including nearly replicating their consulting professor's office: The only unfortunate bit is that the "a contrafactual is assumed" portion isn't really felt, the movie seems to imply that strong sapir-whorf is true.

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