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Anyone interested in setting up an Auckland Hackspace?

Something along the lines of:
Anyone can join, access whenever they want, membership-fee based survival
Maybe a kickstarter to gather funds

Setup to gage interest


How would this compare to tangleball?


When tangleball's building was recently under threat of being sold out from under it, and there was talk of buying one (millions) I suggested (of course) hackerspace-on-a-boat.

There is a hacker space on a boat in Copenhagen


@substack Largely the same, I think the subtle difference is that I believe people can take part in something and inherently I trust them to be reasonable people, but they can loose that trust, so I'm in favour of making joining something they're interested in be as easy as possible so that more (and more diverse) people feel they can join and it can grow.

Some at Tangleball felt it was more that this trust had to be earned before being let in, and that maybe things should not grow (and maybe the people disagreeing should leave and start their own thing, lol).


@Dominic that looks so great! I've only ever been aboard Thekla in Bristol which was the same idea but with pounding Drum and Bass instead of making.

Have you met Jean-Baptiste? He's really keen on some kinda floating space/city/thing


Oh, another thing that would be cool, is a totally chill cafe that is open late. Like, Raglan Roast in wellington (or in raglan for that matter). It's just an old garage with old couches, and they only do coffee, which means way less overhead and compliance costs. You could run that as a coop or a club, pay the barista, cover rent. members get the key and can stay late if they want.


@dominic that's how a place in Copenhagen that @mafintosh is apart of works, except there is no barista. it's just a place where members can come hang out, use the internet, and there is a coffee machine where you can brew your own coffee.


the cafe vibe is a great idea. A lot of people don't understand the social contract around how you use a makerspace.
Plenty of people are nervous to even turn up because they have no project or no skillz.

Cafes though, everyone understands how that works. You pay for coffee and get both the coffee and some spacetime

We could set up something with one of those semi-automated machines, so people just help themselves, and run it that it's open whenever you can get in - so if there's a member there they should let strangers in if they're curious

Was looking at some maps, looks like there's some industrial-ish zoned areas in Kingsland and down in Parnel near the water

Liked this in #Auckland

Found this space in Kingsland, is zoned commercial/Residential so we can bootstrap by moving in

3x rooms ~$150/week each
~$10 a week for 24/7 access to the space

Who's keen?



Went to go look round again last night. Landlady is from China and totally understands what a makerspace so didn't freak out about the idea.

There's actually natural light panels across the top of the workshop and weird windowless room, so we can grow stuff inside a bit easier.

Plan is to air bnb out bits of the extra room as dorm-style accommodation until the space is big enough to cover this bit too.

Also the roller doors are just visible from the street, especially if we put some LEDs up.

Going to try to get keys next week!


I'm looking for somewhere to put my mill & lathe (no room at tangleball) if you're keen.


Yes yes yes yes yes!


They're in Kumeu, wanna pick up this weekend (or after hours during the week)? I'm also home sick today if you're free.

@don may have space in a few months, if you don't mind them eventually moving to EDA.


I have a 3D printer too, but the stepper motors need to be reconnected.


@neftaly all of these things are overwhelmingly more than welcome!

We're still negotiating with the landlady for the keys + actually opening a bank account to pay them from, but next week or the week after we should be good

Can show you round and pickup then!

Our 3d clay printer is also a bit bust at the moment but these spaces are good places to fix them :]

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