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Did you manage to put the appropriate hole in the fuel pump too?

Re: %TYZqm9Oxz

Not yet, we discovered that the lathe end-stock was out of alignment. Or something, @jolyon has been showing me how to fix all that stuff.

This bolt with the hole in it was actually made at tangleball with the drill press! Either the bolt had a centering dip in the end, which aligned the drill, or it was a complete fluke, I broke it while threading it, and then trying to make another failed several times.

I ended up just making some adapters out of plastic, and now I have a gravity feed fuel system from a plastic drink bottle. Enough to run the engine, it was going really slow, but I put the boat on the grid at herald island and scraped all the barnacles off and polished the propeller. There where several very dizy oysters living on the propeller, no wonder it was slow.

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