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Has anyone used rethinkdb ? If so, would you like to write about your experience? It seems to be a distributed database with built in pub/sub server for live updates to queries.


We've been trying it out it as a replacement for Firebase and DynamoDB. It's great! The (JS) API is well thought out and it's easy to do server stuff with it. I miss some of the shinies from Datomic but administration is much easier.

We have a cluster of master DB servers running on Our AWS EBS application servers spin up both a node app and their own copy of Rethink running in proxy mode. We can spin up any number of application servers, while keeping the load on the masters super low, for great HA (our setup is read-heavy with low writes).

Going forward, any new client-server project I work on will probably be Rethink-based.


thanks @neftaly. I started trying out rethink last night. It seems like such a good DB, it makes me wonder why it is not hyped more.

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