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Re: %n1EAxTGSs

Some pubs become Spotty as they get older. I have now reviewed the Public Pubs list and moved some to different sections according to what I found which I have compiled into the following table. Maybe a script or role could be made to do this more automatically or formally? #ssb #ssbc

pub operator last activity sbot website invite code moved to section @AlexRoy? 6 months ago offline service unavailable unable to get Spotty @zie 8 hours ago online online from website, works @aran 6 hours ago online online from website, works @caasih 2 months ago online empty expired Private @DavidW 4 months ago online offline expired Private @rabble 1 week ago offline gateway timeout unable to get Spotty

Only two (2) public pubs remain on the list!


@DavidW your pub @pub_DavidW has a forked feed. I recommend migrating it to a new id.

fork oldest seq:id latest seq:id
1 1: %yoZnLrc... 38: %DKq/3VV...
2 1: %a40Ixdw... 591: %FlP9ckN...
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