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Conqa is hiring!

We do the whole distributed blockchain thing for construction. Our core product turns real-word data like inspection reports, measurements, and photos, into a signed hierarchical ledger, representing the state through time of anything from a prefab wall panel to an apartment complex.

Auckland-based, remote is welcome (no async, sorry). If you're a frontend or backend JS dev with functional experience, give us a yell!


Also Clojure experience is super welcome for backend - we are moving some stuff to Datomic, and would like to re-implement our lambdas in Clojure/CLJS should resources permit.

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Hey @neftaly, are you guys still looking for JS developers?


We're full up at the moment, sorry! If you send an email to I'll put you on file for next time (will forget otherwise) :)


@neftaly This company's product looks really cool. Is it fun to work on?


It is! I think there's a lot of opportunities to use crypto to fix fuckups and corruption while supporting those who did the right thing :)

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