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walkaway-net most certainly is ssb. But it would be more accurate to say that walkaway and ssb are both about the same ideas.

Here, btw, is an interview where doctorow describes the influences on walkaway. I had also recently read debt:5000 years when before starting ssb. Also, I had already walked away, I mean, literally I was living in a mangrove swamp at the time I became interested in data replication! (ps, let me take this opportunity to seriously recommend swamp living) And I think, operating on a theory that people are basically good, but oppression is getting in the way of that goodness's expression.

It had occurred to me that a computer programmer with a grand vision had the choice to either attempt to implement it, or to write a science fiction novel about it. (got this impression from reading Neal Stephenson's stuff). I chose attempt to implement it, but knowing what I know now I'd say it's not the easy way! In particular I think, the world has to be ready for an implementation more so than a book.

I'd also been thinking about decentralized manufacturing (3d printing, or rather, what it could become) but realized that we needed decentralized information first. Otherwise, you just get "centralized streaming" as in The Diamond Age (published in 2000).

Oh on that note - "the drummers" in the diamond age are a sort of underwater sex cult that create a decentralized version of the 3d printing, and thus disrupt the neovictorians, (i.e. techbros). But the drummers are basically presented as a weird dangerous other in TDA, whereas walkaway presents them as the protagonists.

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