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Re: %AmpRntTom

Were you in Mawhitipana? I saw a liveaboard Raven with a fiberglass tender yesterday, I yelled your name a few times but no response, and couldn't get through to your phone. I was in a raft-up with a mate (Highwayman, possibly still there, and another guy in a launch who is a big LiFePO4 nut). If not, head over to the next bay, I think you'll find your separated-at-birth twin!

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Re: %AmpRntTom

haha @neftaly it wasn't me, but last time I was in these parts I met someone matching that description - John in "Penultimate" (name not written on boat, though)

I have large solar panel on pullpit, duckboard, and red plastic kayak on deck. CLEO written on bow and transom.

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