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March SSB Grant Proposal: Phone Push Notification Bot

I'd like to spend some time making an ssb bot which you can ask to watch your profile.

Once it's watching you, if it sees someone mention you or reply to something you've done, it will send a push notification to your phone with what happened.

This is a bit of a stop gap solution, and introduces a bit of optional centralization, but also paves the way for future notification setups.

We can try and make the "send notification" part take plugins, so it can text you, or email you, or ping you on ICQ or whatever


oh wait missed deadline, nvm


next month!


Oh, also I think you should include more detail about how you'd make this work. How does it send a message to your phone? Also prior art: I made an irc bot that pings you when mentioned. %ssb-irc github


Is there some way to break up user keys more granually, so that you can issue subkeys to other things to act on your behalf? E.g. having a separate read key and write key, or a write key with instructions for clients to ignore posts to all but one channel, etc, alongside a channel dedicated to key revocations. That way you could share an "API key" with a third party system.

@Fabián Heredia Montiel
Voted this

It's really easy to send SMS/MMS messages via Twilio's api. There is a Node.js library too.

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@nanomonkey @Dominic looks helpful thanks

I was thinking it'd be good to just put in the simplest possible push helper thing to start with, but make it have plugins (similar setup to Rocket Chat) so you can spam your phone in lots of exotic ways


side not: I don't get notifications for replies to this post in patchwork? :C

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