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We have a straightforward cash money job someone might want to do, hmu #jobs #new-zealand

We provide a web-based application for construction QA.

Currently a user of the app can upload a photo and assign that to a particular checklist item (e.g. user can take a photo with their phone and upload via the app).

We have a potential customer who want to mount cameras on site that will let them take photos from the installed cameras and upload to our app.

This means we probably need the following:

• to be able to associate a camera with a project (we would need to provide API endpoints for this)
• to be able to trigger an action that would take a photo on a particular mounted camera and associate this with a checklist item (we'd need a way to invoke the action on the camera and get access to the photo, or be notified that it's available, e.g. in an AWS S3 bucket that our app would be able to access)
• some way of detecting if the camera is "online" (if the camera if offline we'd want to be able to let users know there's a problem so they wouldn't assume asking the camera to take a photo would work)
• we use AWS Cognito for authentication, so we'd probably want JWT tokens to be used to authenticate the cameras

Suggest something like

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hi @neftaly, Root Systems / Bamboo would be keen, at the moment our pipeline of work is dry. :fountain: :sunny:

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