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A Note From The Editor

I've been observing a trend lately, where people write interesting posts and mention them here on SSB but post them on the web. I feel like, if you wrote it, and it's worth mentioning here, then it's usually worth sharing here.

Cross-posting to SSB is totally acceptable, even appreciated. Also, it's nice to be able to discover, read, and comment on your stuff all in one place.

Also, it just feels wrong when those posts are about distributed offline goodness, and are mention, but not shared here in our distributed offline goodness.

Totally Random

@dangerousbeans is Using D3 to visualize ssb activity across a procedurally generated hexmap of islands

procedurally generated ssb hexmap of islands

@Dominic sailed some islands and taught us a bit more about sailboats.

Dominic selfie on their sailboat in the evening very serious.

@coopchange shared a beautiful sunset and a link to a post about good podcasts they've found recently.

dramatic sunset

They also started a discussion on this topic:

I think we need a name for this concept. If your “self-identity” is who you think you are, your other identity is who other people think you are.
You don’t have as much ownership of your other identity as you do your self identity, because it’s a model in someone else’s head. But you can influence it by hooking into things that will give them a different idea of you.

@Kathleen Marie shared a recipe for Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies. As a result, I now want cookies.

vegan chocolate chip cookies on a black circle

@Will Schenk MacBook shared some photos from NYCResistor's 10th Annual Interactive show: Solar Punk

nycresistor sign with circuit board, LEDs and wires

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@The Scuttleverse Herald

@Hendrik Peter is getting far more out of their phone than I am...

phone hosting "desktop" computing environment running on large monitor

@adamsky has released a

Modern-day world simulation strategy game.

Take control of nation states, large corporations, important politicians. Face the many global challenges of the 21st century."

It's called Anthropocene and the post about it is here. Please note that it's still early days at version v0.1.0

@cameralibre shares that Mozilla is looking for folks to contribute their voices to "Help Mozilla’s Common Voice teach machines how real people speak English." More details in their post.

@Hamiller shares some details on a TED talk that discusses how "... a hundred years of elections laws are disrupted by social media"


@Darius Kazemi wrote a blog post about SSB, DAT, and ActivityPub and the virtues of each. They linked to it in a post here.

@mix teases the new DAT-attachment feature coming to Patchbay.

dat attachment in patchbay

This is a huge deal because it means we'll be able to upload large files to SSB clients and share them in a distributed fashion without filling up everyone's drives.


@dangerousbeans published a new npm package called vue-ssb which lets you load up and use ssb-client inside vueJS in a web-based app.


More geeky details in the post.

"I wrote up a short tutorial about how to program with cabal-core directly. A fun few hour project exploring things! " - @Will Schenk MacBook Link and discussion here

Cabal is a DAT based p2p chat system that's similar to Slack.

@cel shared a ui concept

message index navigator screenshot

The idea of this application is to enable visualizing and navigating through ssb-server’s message indexes.

More details in their post.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald

@elavoie shared a link to their paper on "Genet: A Quickly Scalable Fat-Tree Overlay for Personal Volunteer Computing using WebRTC"

WebRTC enables browsers to exchange data directly but the number of possible concurrent connections to a single source is limited. We overcome the limitation by organizing participants in a fat-tree overlay...

More details in their post.

@dinosaur shared their first Rust module, which came about from their Peachcloud work.

for #peachcloud, i wanted a unified way to store configuration data across /etc/peach, where various sub-components could have their own namespaced config files, each in their own format depending on what makes sense, so i made a thing!

Geeky details in their post.


This weeks banner is wearing a black band in memory of all the innocent folks slain by hate in Sri Lanka.

Bigotry can not be allowed to fester. We must speak up at every opportunity, to protect the rights of all people. It's the one thing we can all do.


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@Lucas :)

@dangerousbeans ✨𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒎𝒊𝒖𝒎✨ This map blew my mind!

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@john gieryn
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@Tim Greenwood

I'm interested in Hendrik Peter's phone computer rig, is there a post detailing his set up?

@Hendrik Peter

hey @Tim Greenwood,

You're looking for this thread
The dotfiles and (wip) installation instructions for "Termux" are here:

@Tim Greenwood

@Hendrik Peter Awesome! I'm just seeing this message now, thanks a lot!

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