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Current boat fixing status: serious


@📱 romuloalves phone
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get out of here stalker

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Totally Random


got serious

serious beans

and made magic.


@kas picked some chiles

I’ve never seen a chiles ristra in real life. This is my first, so if it looks hilarious, feel free to laugh. Laughing is healthy.

They also shared some nice scratchy jazz music from a 1963 Nissen-Fjeldsted Swingtetten concert.

Nissen-Fjeldsted Swingetten

@sam_uk is planting 1000 trees in Bristol (UK) and "..then using the coppiced wood to create heat, power and biochar to capture and store carbon."

@nanomonkey roasted coffee beans in a wok on a Biolite stove.

coffe roasting biolite

@andresaltz_phone ponders "What's the value of self-quantification?"

@cluelessjoe shared a list of interesting articles on the topic of climate change

@KawaiiPunk joined us and noted that we don't have a wikipedia page!

Someone should totally get on that.

@netafly shared a history of the Conqa startup (where they work) and the trials it's gone through to get where it is today.

@adamsky connected their nook as an external monitor and discussed about bit about it.

nook monitor e-ink

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