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Have you looked into how holding plates work? They use a container of antifreeze around the elements to retain temp and "buffer" it. You actually want to stop stuff freezing if possible, as there is a temperature spike when a liquid transitions to a solid (energy gets dumped out).

I think you could get everything you wanted with a fridge using holding plates, and some beefed-up insulation - "crystal kitty litter" is available very cheaply (at least in NZ) and is nothing more than re-branded Aerogel. A bit of that and some polyurethane foam to seal it, and you're set.

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Crystal Kitty Cat Litter is silica crystals, where as Aerogel is a silica gel that has been dehydrated through supercritical drying. The cat litter will not be as insulating as aerogel. Although you could possibly make aerogel from the cat litter if you have a pressure chamber with the proper temperature control, or better yet a CO2 supercritical extraction unit. Probably easier to just buy the stuff.

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