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I have a fixed price offer of $760 nzd for this 10m catamaran that got wrecked


One of the hulls seems okay, the other one is missing the bottom part

I think I have too many projects on at the moment to take this on on my own


On one hand it's loads of work, but on the other hand it's way less work than building the whole cat and all the needed deck gear is there and fine


Ehh, for me it's about the worth of the winches - I was only really into it sub-$500 =/


cut off the broken hull, shift the rig over and build an outrigger!


Make the outrigger one of those adjustable dog-peeing things, and you could be up for the America's Cup!


It looks like a goner. Plywood core from what I can make out in the video, so by now the water will have wicked into all of the core - you'll never get that dried out and so it will slowly rot from within the laminate. If it hasn't been stripped yet, it may be worth some money for the parts, but it also looks like it's sunk, so a lot will be damaged severely or completely useless (engine[s], electronics, batteries). You'll also have costs cutting up and disposing of the fibreglass. The deck fittings will be worth something, spars and sails are difficult to shift. It might just be enough to cover the costs of disposing the rest, but it's not worth the massive effort unless you're desperate for boat parts and have a big yard. If you do, offer $1.


Aren't GOP boats supposed to be kinda wet? Especially with polyester resin, which is water permeable. I was told it's only fresh water that you ever need to worry about.

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