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They're on their way now, and in contact via satphone

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Hi all,

Lat: 42d 16.14S 174d 48.66E. South East of Blenheim.
Course: 45d true. Speed: 9kts.
Weather is fine. Bit of swell and some breeze.

We departed Lyttelton last night at 9pm after dropping and marking 60m of chain to test the anchor winch. All went ok, except usual anchor handling stuff for boats this size. Winch is great.

We set off and had to navigate out at night. Wouldn’t be hard except we were also testing engines under load and lots of concentration required. Nice job to engineering team.

We’ve had an interesting 12 hours. We’ve run the engines hard for 12 hours and have now pulled back to cruise. Ship is doing well. She is a ship. Such fun to drive but also lots of pressure and systems.

Engineering has had constant logging on the hour or less and we’ve dealt with issues as they arose. Such as. Dirt in fuel (had to change a filter with main stopped) and overheating gearbox.

The crew have done well with little sleep. With the engine running hard it has been very noisy in the accomodation areas. You’ve got to be tired to sleep :).
I’m glad to have Ondrej, Chris and Ben here. All adding so much.

I’m looking forward to sleeping. Had a nap 12-4am and have been on since. Waiting to send this email and then I’ll go sleep!



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