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@glyph Ah fantastic! Perhaps we should open a thread here and we can have a sort of collective semi-public asynch selected reading of it :mag_right::mushroom:

Yeah I've seen some of Mycologos, not attended anything but I've been to the site a couple of times, cought some of the audio and video featuring Peter online, good stuff!

I actually got my copy of the book straight out of Peters hand almost 3 years ago now. I went to Open Source Ecology for a greenhouse build back in 2016 and Peter was there for a few days to do some demonstration of oyster in bucket cultivation. Was a treat to have some short conversation and I got to buy one of the books he had with him for $50 cash, a little bit of a struggle to fit that 2kg tome in my suitcase for the plane :grinning: It's just been patiently sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for me to take the proper time out to get into it.

That trip back in 2016 was an epic 2 week journey for me, landing in NYC the day before Trumps election and staying until the day after. Recording this episode at Douglas Rushkoffs tiny office outside of the city in the afternoon and then living through the traumatizing shock of that election night in NYC. Definitly an experience of intensity of change, turmoil and possibility that we were moving into right then and are now fully flailing about in.

(I hope I can make it to Helsinki one of these days to catch up with those awesome folks!)

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Re: %+s2oKiBKT

wow @kieran @mycognosist this is such a sweet conversation, thanks for narrating my house-packing work today, i learned a lot and really appreciated the less-anthropocentric framing you brought with you

I get a similar vibe from some of the For The Wild podcasts, most notably this one:

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