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Actual tender

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I am aware of the harryproa! I saw one of these moored at Mangonui, and it sailed past me into Whangaroa, but I didn't meet the owner unfortunately. It had a single mast.

I've also sailed aboard a mbuli proa,


there is one in auckland (this is the one I have been on) you can see Rangitoto is the background


Proas look great on paper, and appeal immensly to people who like to be different (such as myself) but the modern ones need quite complicated rudder/daggerboard arrangements, and the traditional ones are quite a hassle to shunt (it's called "shunt" like a train, not tack like an ordinary)... that doesn't really matter in the pacific where you have steady tradewinds and most of your sailing is a beam reach (as is the case in Kiribati)

If you want to cruise in a temparate place, like NZ, and also expect to have to tack up under headlands to get to an anchorage, a tacking outrigger is probably more convienient.

like this one:


(this one crossed the atlantic without instruments or cooking equipment!)

I also prefer this asthetic ;) I'd want hot food though

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