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to Godfrey, Anton, archer, Corina, me, Mia
Hi all,

Rounded East Cape.

37d 25 S 178d 19e
Course: 300d true
Speed over ground: 8.2 kts

All well.

Pulled anchor at 3am but it was snagged on two large steel cables. Using grapples, rope and the powerful anchor winch we were able to pull it off the anchor and free the ship in 25 minutes. Not bad for 3 people who’d just woken up an hour before.

We had to say bye to one of our crew for whom the delay was too much. He flew out from Gisbourne, hitching rides on local speedboats as we have no tender and the port was too lazy to accept us in on a Friday afternoon.

After two nights at anchor we finally could leave. The weather was fairly large. I wish could have got photos of the water we were pushing as we fell off 6m waves.

We’ve been making slow progress due to currents and headwinds also. At some points I’m seeing only 7kts sustained speed.

Also, fuel burn has been horrendously different to what was told to me during selling process. Despite barely any load on the generator, we are burning 1800L a day roughly. We are going to have to see what is going on there as we don’t have the budget for fuel burn that high this year.

We are now on point to land in Auckland 3-6pm tomorrow if we don’t get any problems.

Thanks for your emails and wishes for safe passage.



[nb: I think the image is small because it was sent by satphone]

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