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Created a git repo relax
Did a git update
-initial commit
Did a git update
-add spacemacs/parinfer notes
Re: %226dDJSnY


xj9/multiwiki.git has been on hold while i get the other project components up and running. very excited to start working with nuklear and fleshing out some of the ideas i have for writing native functional-reactive user interfaces.

things that got done

  • i've refactored relax into its own git repo xj9/relax.git and started working on wrapping csc, csi, and chicken-install to use relax extensions.
  • finally got parinfer working on spacemacs :heart:
  • found an unfortunate footnote in the SRFI-18 unit docs for chicken scheme. looks like only Guile and Bigloo actually have pthread based implementations of this SRFI. there are some multi-core libraries for chicken, so at some point i'm going to have to write a multicore SRFI-18 module.
  • i've written a little proof of concept script that creates a compressed egg (chicken scheme modules) cache in your ssb/blob store. this is work towards making a relax-specific integration between eggs and ssb and eventually a compiler agnostic frontend for writing scheme modules and applications.
  • unit testing is still a work in progress. there are several testing tools and i'm working through evaluating all of the popular options.
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