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wow amazing! what does the satellite do? (I attempted to answer my own question reading your site)

In the space industry, new technologies are usually verified in precursor missions, before used within expensive projects. Our satellite is built for a similar purpose. We are developing, implementing and verifying a so-called satellite bus, meaning all parts of the satellite required to run the payload. This includes the communication system, the on-board data handling system, the attitude control system, the power supply, the structure and the thermal control system. Besides that, the performance and degradation of a new generation of solar cells, which have never been in outer space before, is investigated by our satellite as its scientific mission.

so the current goal is just to build a working satellite and make sure it works properly, but no current goals outside of "be a satellite"?, I guess that can come later, though)

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Re: %XbFSkTUab

a) congrats @Jan van Brügge

b) did you see that one of the satellites in that launch got ham radio geeks involved to help figure out which one it was? They offered a prize (3D printed logo i think) to the first one who made contact with it on each continent and sent them a specified set of info that'd be useful to help figure out which of the many deployed ones it was.

I would have helped but i just wasn't available and set up for contact at the right time.

@Jan van Brügge
Re: %XbFSkTUab

@Dominic We have experimental solar cells on board that are tested for longevity etc. We provide the data to airbus and a few others, because those cells are a good candidate for future space missions

@masukomi no, we just used Satnogs and our own groundstation, as well as a few amateur ham contributions

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