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FWIW USB-C seems waaay more robust than MicroUSB

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I have quite old OnePlus one. It stayed recent because i put there The problem is that most of the android phone manufactures support software updates for like year or two. So it is very good idea to go install something like lineageOS. Lot of manufacturers like to keep their drivers proprietary and not share them at all. OnePlus is quite good in this and they also allow rooting the phone which most manufacturers prohibit.

Lineage is unfortunately not pure libre (some of core libs are proprietary). There are projects like that aim to be pure open-source but i never heard anyone say that they work well. So if we are talking about Android i would go for older models of nexus or oneplus which are supported well by projects like LineageOS. I don't know how hard it is to get them new.

But the fact i have OnePlus One bought in 2014 that still has current android version is quite miracle in the phone world where manufacturers force users to switch every two years.

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