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I dropped my phone into the ocean

Luckily only a few meters deep or so and @c3 had taught me to scubadive a day or two earlier so we launched a rescue mission

Had maybe 30 minutes of air and the bottom was 20cm of soft mud, which kicked up to this swirly dark mess straight away and made the rest of the search happen basically in pitch darkness or swirly clay mist.

There were angry worms and sharp things at the bottom that I kept grabbing in the darkness.
I kept seeing tentacle shapes move but it was just my diving gear.

I got pretty lost and ended up under another boats keel as the tide was going out, but luckily figured out what it was.



but sadly it had filled itself with salt water, even though it's rated IP68 which should keep freshwater water out to a depth of 1.5m

Now I just have to convince Samsung they should give me a new one

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@richard fortune
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Samsung replaced this phone WITH MONEY

Almost exactly enough to buy the new version, which included a bunch of free crap and a $150 voucher

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