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27 Apr (3 days ago)

to Mia, Anton, me, Godfrey, archer, Corina
Hi all.

Interesting day. Here’s the update.

Position: 39d 39m south, 177d 42m East. Hawke’s Bay
Course: 29d true
Speed 8.5knots

We have had a meeting and have decided it’s not safe to take the vessel through the 40kts on the beam from East Cape to Cape Colville.

If we had left on time we’ve had made the window but Wednesday late put us against it.

We will be dropping anchor in the bay as there is no wharf space. It looks like we will be only arriving in Auckland Tuesday, which means we’ve had to delay all our volunteers arriving further and delay the welcome. However it means if we have issues we won’t be rolling in 40kts, 4.5m seas and falling around the engine room.

More updates.

Suspected kelp on the prop last night. Threw big vibrations through the boat and we reduced rpm to minimum safe operating cruise. (Engine doesn’t like rpm between 260-290, displayed clearly on the side of the engine).
What ever it was has gone.

Other news, while checking fluids, an engineer dropped a floorboard onto the gearbox and knocked off a valve. We lost 40L of gearbox oil before the main was shut down and the valve replaced. Oil was replaced and we were back up and running before 20 Mins had passed. I wasn’t even woken up! So much for perfectly clean and empty bilges. But excellent job from Chris and Ondrej for fixing it so fast.

Anyway. Everything else is going ok. Sunny and easy going.

Thanks for all your emails, I appreciate getting them.

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Re: %B0bpo6tjM


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