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New building

We recently moved into a new office building at Ironbank which I thought was pretty cool.

The side windows automatically open/close depending on temperature. This is an example where IOT can be more than a gimmick.

The desks all have integrated cable management, but use a weird type of plug I've never seen before.

The main window opens right up, you could easily climb out. Plus the view is nice!

Unfortunately "soil" just means waste. I imagined an arcology where it was a public utility - I want to live in the world where there is a pipe for "rich soil" and another for "depleted soil".

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you could install composting toilets and produce your own soil.


That literal shit is magic. In the spot where I emptied out the compost bucket, we now have 3 giant tomato plants. Much bigger than the plants we've been carefully tending.


The problem is the accumulation of human pathogens (if it isn't your shit). You can actually buy "sludge" from waste treatment plants, which is treated digested waste. If you grow cow food on it, then turn the cow shit into human food, you're golden!

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