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I've recently released Anthropocene v0.1.0
Check it out


Below is an excerpt from the readme.

It's a very early release, a lot of question marks and unfinished business all over the place, but it's already able to showcase some of the core features I've been working on lately.

Features in v0.1.0 include:

  • connecting to endgame server and querying data from it
  • starting a new local server using scenario selected by the user
  • using 2d grid downloaded from the server for generating the texture used for region selection on globemap
    • you can try changing the regions grid image to see how it will generate a working map with your modifications, see business_as_usual/mods/earth_2015/glob_map/regions/regions.yaml; regions4096_alt.png is already modified - italian peninsula has been replaced with a smiley face
    • regions grid image uses color to encode information about what region entities are represented, see business_as_usual/mods/earth_2015/glob_props/cid.yaml
  • synchronized running for multiple clients
    • try running two instances of the game connected to the same server, the one running at lower turn speed will basically dictate the common speed; the faster speed client has to wait for the slower one
    • use the first instance of the game to run a "new local game", then on the second one choose "connect to server"
      • address:
      • password: anthropopass
    • you can also run an endgame server manually from the command line, and then connecting to it from both game instances
    • if you're willing to use command line you can also try connecting to the same endgame server from both anthropocene instance and an endgame client instance
  • core UI functionality, some early mockups for how things could end up looking like
  • game settings saved in a persistent location on the machine
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Re: %Np5nV8oRA

@Hendrik Peter is getting far more out of their phone than I am...

phone hosting "desktop" computing environment running on large monitor

@adamsky has released a

Modern-day world simulation strategy game.

Take control of nation states, large corporations, important politicians. Face the many global challenges of the 21st century."

It's called Anthropocene and the post about it is here. Please note that it's still early days at version v0.1.0

@cameralibre shares that Mozilla is looking for folks to contribute their voices to "Help Mozilla’s Common Voice teach machines how real people speak English." More details in their post.

@Hamiller shares some details on a TED talk that discusses how "... a hundred years of elections laws are disrupted by social media"


@Darius Kazemi wrote a blog post about SSB, DAT, and ActivityPub and the virtues of each. They linked to it in a post here.

@mix teases the new DAT-attachment feature coming to Patchbay.

dat attachment in patchbay

This is a huge deal because it means we'll be able to upload large files to SSB clients and share them in a distributed fashion without filling up everyone's drives.


@dangerousbeans published a new npm package called vue-ssb which lets you load up and use ssb-client inside vueJS in a web-based app.


More geeky details in the post.

"I wrote up a short tutorial about how to program with cabal-core directly. A fun few hour project exploring things! " - @Will Schenk MacBook Link and discussion here

Cabal is a DAT based p2p chat system that's similar to Slack.

@cel shared a ui concept

message index navigator screenshot

The idea of this application is to enable visualizing and navigating through ssb-server’s message indexes.

More details in their post.

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