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Voted 🔥Thank you for giving me the intro on THIS after 2 fucking years 🔥

Line length: the alphabet test

Line length is the distance between the left and right edges of a text block. Overly long lines are a very common problem. But they’re easy to correct. Shorter lines will make a big difference in the legibility and professionalism of your layout.


Shorter lines are more comfortable to read than longer lines. As line length increases, your eye has to travel farther from the end of one line to the beginning of the next, making it harder to track your progress vertically.


One easy way to check line length is to try printing three alphabets on the same line with no spacing. The best practice is that your client should render a line break somewhere between the second and third alphabet.


I've been super keen to improve Patchwork's typography lately and I thought this might be a nice test for new clients to check how they render line length. Hope it comes in handy for someone!

Voted ![lamb-kofta-cookout.jpg](&jticsSZtd9HscQmjoow67pBFkx+UMYeRKE0uMFYFf+I=.sha
Voted I love the international flavour of these news sources! It is pretty depre
Re: %xil/WkjdA

@Rumblestiltskin I highly recommend it, Patchbay is awesome.

Re: %sjJA4Ii6N

I just realized why this looked so familiar: %DnCbr3o...

Voted [@Christian Bundy](@+oaWWDs8g73EZFUMfW37R/ULtFEjwKN/DczvdYihjbU=.ed25519) T
Re: %pA6XrEuuw


Sweet! In Patchwork we have a human-maintained changelog, it would be cool to parse it and add the relevant bits to the release notes as well...

Re: %xil/WkjdA


Patchbay only for now!

Voted A part of doing this well would be to create a mode where you can explore a

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