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Hey there, nice to meet you!
I'm Peter, a full-stack software developer from Sundsvall in Sweden.

I work for most Swedish news-brands, have the broadest music-taste ever, am totally into beekeeping and I'm an absolute space-geek.

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Voted 🔥Thank you for giving me the intro on THIS after 2 fucking years 🔥
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The last few weeks have been incredibly busy with me being out on hikes and all the preparations for the teaching I'm going to do in Ghana in 2 weeks (wow, that's actually that close now!)

During the small moments here and there I've been messing around with blobs and getting them working in the app.
Below a small video of markdown being parsed with blobs served (and cached) from the hub (using auth headers I might add):

On the design/development table for this weekend and the free moments before and during my trip:

  • The ability to post normal and private messages as well as the ability to join a pub (to get some initial flow in)
  • Longer caching and better error handling on the graph responses.
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Re: %WwV7/GtXp

Yeah kinda, love the good beats while crunching code. how about you?

I see you're quite new (or i've just not replicated that many messages of you yet, who knows!) Make sure to write something about yourself and tag it #new-people. There's also the option to follow different (musical) topics If you're on Patchwork or Patchbay ofc.

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Re: %Z3gVgIXl1

Hey there and welcome!!

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Re: %q7GDgu5kz


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Jep, you popped up for me too through PicoPub. Welcome to the network!
A good way to get started around here is to post a bit about yourself and your interests and tagging that message with #new-people ;)

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