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wow... this got long. I apologize if this was already covered in one of the many posts here. I read most but not all.


additional thoughts on muting threads and requirements for implementing such a feature.

Another useful feature, although I'm not sure how it can be implemented, is a ‘mute this thread’ button, meaning ‘I do not wish to see any follow-ups to this thread, no matter who the poster is’. - @kas

I think one of the things @noffle mentioned in their initial post hinted at the need for such a thing but muting the thread isn't enough.

For example, there was a point in that thread where @mix said they were bowing out of it for a bit. Afterwards I wanted to reference something they said BUT because they wanted to bow out of it I specifically didn't @ mention them because I knew it would bring them right back into it via their mentions. I don't think it's reasonable to expect everyone to be so forward thinking all the time, especially in the type of heated thread where you'd want to use a "mute this thread" button.

I think muting a thread is an absolutely needed tool but it needs to go beyond that and mute any mentions of you in that thread. Maybe that's an option. E.g. "Mute this thread AND any mention of me in it." versus just "Mute this thread." Personally I'd rather see it just mute it and the mentions by default and see how it goes. Fewer options is almost always the better usability choice, and in this case I think that people who specifically opt out of a thread don't generally want to get sucked back into it via mentions.

open question

If i mute a thread (presumably some button on the thread), and later want to UNmute it... how do i do that? If the thread is muted i shouldn't see it so i shouldn't be able to see an un-mute button on it. Maybe a page listing all the threads you've muted (sorted in reverse chronological order by date muted ) with an "unmute" button next to each? Use the same text that's used in the "@foo mentioned this discussion: <some initial sentence from discussion>" messages.

I think un-muting is going to be an important thing. There are many discussions where you're all "i'm too upset to respond / deal right now, but I do want to deal later when I'm calmer"

cc @andrestaltz

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Re: %JI9IhVuYP

We thought of you when discussing this offer. - @elavoie


This would be in addition to The Weekly, as both have different aims, but maybe some of the tools you are building could be useful for both tasks?

Yeah, I was thinking that as I read it. The tools I'm building would allow me to tag certain things as appropriate for inclusion in said newsletter as I'm making the weekly stuff. A simple extraction of just those summaries would be easy but I don't think that's really what you'd want. That being said, I'd still have the reference to the posts worthy of being summarized / included in the newsletter even if it needed rewriting for the new context.

I'll ponder it. I think one thing that would help anyone considering this is a clearer description of exactly what types of stuff you'd like to see. Would a nice summary of all the improvements to and notable discussions of SSB software during the prior month + high level overview of posts from the handshake council be sufficient? Are there other things you'd like to have included?

Re: %utMA6Xlo6

Please don't call transsexual women a "third gender". That's incredibly fucked up and bigoted. - @April

They didn't. Please reread their post. They merely posited that in Thailand there are more than 2 genders. You are the only one to suggest that transsexual women were a "third gender". You're seeing attacks and assuming cruelty and cluelessness where there is neither.

Re: %vnDRFONBb

To build on something @Emmi Bevensee said @April

"Intersex" does not mean what you seem to think it means. Intersex is a medical term that specifically refers to physical sex characteristics including but not limited to genetic anomalies like having XXY and XYY chromosomes. There's a FAQ here listing many of the forms of intersex and their frequency within the human population. Note that NONE of them have anything to do with the person's gender. They're all about non-standard biology.

There are many transsexual and transgender people who are completely "normal" with regards to physical primary or secondary sexual characteristics. Conversely many intersex people have no idea they are intersex (usually folks who aren't XY or XX) and don't feel "trans" in any way.

Re: %/RVTSwAEl

take lots of pictures for us @noffle ! ;)

Re: %QGbt7CKKY

Should I just assume everyone here is transphobic then? @April

You should assume people are accepting of all the variants of the LGBTQ spectrum. The only person who's said anything negative about someone on that spectrum is you. You may not agree with their perspective, but we are trying to build a community where people can be comfortable being themselves without being attacked even if others disagree with how they choose to live their lives. So long as they're not being mean to others, everyone should get a chance to be themselves here.

Re: %QGbt7CKKY

If "nb people with neopronouns" are trans, then I'm absolutely not trans. And I'm guessing if that's what you feel trans is, then you're the same as them. Just appropriating the disorder. - @April

I think there's a language issue here @April

Trans(gender) != Transsexual. Transsexual is just one end of the Transgender spectrum. There are lots of trans people who don't feel they are the "wrong" gender but instead feel they're somewhere in between. Transgender is "denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex." which doesn't mean they believe they are the opposite of their birth gender, just that their identity doesn't match it. It's a spectrum.

There are many societies in the world (historically and currently) that have transgender people in them that are not transsexual but are most definitely not (for lack of a better word) "normal". In most cases they're genetic men who live the life of a woman in society, or sometimes a 3rd gender, but don't feel the need to fully transition.

Please do some research on the transgender people around the world (past and present). Trans is far more than just transsexual. It always has been. Western society is just only now starting to come to terms with what other societies have had for a long time. Starting from puritan times in the US we started out with "born boy or girl" then we got "ok you can switch but still it's boy or girl" and now we're coming to realize that "oh hey, it's a spectrum".

Being closer to the middle of the spectrum isn't appropriating or diminishing transsexuality in any way. It's simply acknowledging that the world is a more varied place and not everyone falls at the "boy or girl" ends of gender identity.

cc @Emmi Bevensee

Re: %QGbt7CKKY

This sort of ideology is inherently transphobic as it erases transsexualism and instead appropriates the terminology, history, and identity with things that don't really exist and are effectively just trendy labels. - @April

so, what's the appropriate terminology for someone to use who sees themself somewhere in between genders?

I never saw these terms as being erasing transsexualism. Seeing oneself as in between doesn't mean you don't support or believe in transexuals. It just means you're in the middle. You may be right that some people who choose these intermediate pronouns have that opinion but I don't know of any way for inbetween folks. Right now language is changing with regards to that and there's no "good" or "right" choice.

For now, I don't think it's right of us to pre-judge @Lynn Knight [xe/xem/xyr/xemself] as transphobic because they choose neutral pronouns. We should be working to build support and community, not break it down before a person even has a chance to show that they're already on our side, or not... I'd rather we give them the benefit of the doubt.

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