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Re: %Rgw0wSp8s

a) cool. looking forward to reading it.
b) kinda-ironic that a post about offline working that's mentioned on a social platform that works fine offline requires online access to read. ;) Maybe cross-post here for folks to read offline @VI ?


What's that you say? An image of #peachcloud running on a pi?


(I'm about to need this too)

Re: %FDptlqVhZ

no, @blue-dragon but almost every programmer I know (myself included) seems to loose 90% of their typing skills when someone else is watching them code. ;)


A Warning Hexagon I'll have need of in the next @The Weekly post ;)

small warning hexagon

Re: %w4Y25sQwh

welcome @VI is your nic being the same as the app a coincidence, or do you really like modal editing, or is this your sixth incarnation?

Re: %4eqkb9yX4

use patchwork or AND learn how to use the command line like a cool kat

fixed that for you @lostfile ;)

Re: %2OrVU+Drg

welcome @Anna Bolica

I.... don't know what to say to that except to note that the image of a mud wrestler with a sterile household is .... somehow disturbing. What sterilization procedures must you undergo just to go home after a match? shudder

photo of many clay covered hands by Karen Maes on Unsplash

Re: %KPGCqYKg7

it's typically launched from the command line / terminal so emacs path/to/file.txt would open the file you passed to it on launch. @Jim Larsen

I'd suggest though that if you're not too techy but you want a vim-like environment ... use vim. Spacemacs is a weird hybridization of vim and emacs and as a result you kind-of need to know how both systems work. It's cool, but it's got a much higher learning curve than either vim or emacs.

Re: %aC3mAPKtx

welcome @E7CH4P0

When you're ready, you can drop a note in the new people channel and introduce yourself.

Re: %jfPjkhV8N

were here for you @hoodownr esoterica

All I can say is take care of yourself, and see if you can figure out what's at the heart of this and how to get away from it. Obviously professional help blah blah... but. yeah. Take the space & self care you need, regardless of how others feel about it.

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