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The boat is now vaguely habitable - we can make coffee, there is one working USB port for charging and the solar setup is kinda working

Please come and help with:

The Urgent List

  • Still no dinghy, I am borrowing a sinking leaking one
  • Rudder seems free, steering wires still seem jammed
  • De-salting and de-rusting the engine bay and propshaft
  • Fixing a deck leak above the forward accomodation
  • Fixing a deck leak above the small room accomodation
  • Figuring out how the toilet works or if it works

medium list

  • The solar setup is just a one 100w panel in the easiest place I could strap it, but it's very shaded. I want to move this to where the solar arch is and just cover the broken panels for now. Long term I want to replace the small rigid panels with big working ones, then cover the deck with flexable ones.
  • the sprayhood is ripped to bits, but will make an easy template for a new one
  • oil change the engine before we run it for any significant amount of time
  • swap the alternator because it's bust (working one already aboard)
  • wire the battery bank up, recycle the old 5x huge batteries for lead
  • get the hot water and shower working

If anyone's around and wants to help ping me and I'll come pick you up - yacht is moored in East Auckland, Panmure

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Boat is ours, for $6,000 for the boat and $6,000 for the mooring - so only a little bit higher

Am aboard now trying to figure out what's working and what is not working. No longer sinking, and some solar is encouraging electrons into some batteries we found at the skip, slowly coming alive as we fix more and more


Scuttlebutt has bought it's first ship


After finding the boat abandoned, discovering who it belonged to and raising the funds on SSB we have now secured the boat for it's solarpunk future as a support vessel for anyone working to make the world better.

The last week looked a lot like we were going to be outbid, or maybe he wasn't going to sell it anymore.
The owner turned the sail into a strange text message based auction, with the highest offer by 6pm on Friday being the winner. After a bit of game theory analasys I decided to text him an offer ever so slightly higher at 5:59, which worked!

We're now sorting the paperwork, figuring out whats even aboard and picking up all the random other parts of boats which are all over Auckland and Northland

This story is going to unfold on scuttlebutt first, legacy web second, so stay tuned. And thanks everyone for the help making this a thing!

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