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Mix talked some about his hypothesis that some of the problems we feel are about people being in different modes when talking to each other. e.g.

  • just encountered social justice + seasoned activist
  • with a person you are committed to (you are close, and are thinking long term with your relationship, like 10+ years) + with someone you know know almost nothing about
  • exploring possibile paths forward (green hat, ideating) + analysing the threats and weaknesses (black hat, critique)
  • experienced in coops / group work + mainly worked individually
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Quick update on this - mix and @piet made it, but @DanHassan wasn't able to make it. It was actually perfect Dan couldn't make it - we got a chance to lay some great groundwork.

Piet and I got ourselves up to speed with , and we had a conversation which was preparatory by exploring (off the record):

  • what we could discuss in a LocalGossip call on this topic
    • why do we care to be discussing this topic?
    • why are the participants of this conversation just a bunch of dudes?
    • how have we engaged with D&I (e.g. Dev Academy, Rails Girls, Onboarding/welcoming, tech support, ScuttleCamp, Manu, ...)
    • what's our current approach been like? (any reflections, any evaluation)
    • how are we thinking about where to next with D&I, do we have any strategy
  • how we're feeling about discussing diversity and inclusion on the record
    • the current environment on scutlebutt is there's been a bunch of tense conversation on this topic. It's taken a bunch of energy and might add more stress
    • it's a bit scary saying things on the record especially when you're exploring your learning edge, and it might be misunderstood, or misinterpretted. How do we do that in a way which is respectful, genuine, and safe?
    • it feels really good to have had a preparatory conversation on this topic and to be progressing slowly - this feels like a great conversation to be done slowly

We also talked a little bit the "containers" and "invitations" which might be suitable or enable healthier discussions. This could be things like adding different ways to run threads in scuttlebutt:

  • Fishbowl threads - public, but only some people (e.g. piet, dan, mix) can comment
  • Friends only threads - only people who are mutual friends can contribute on this thread
  • No comments threads - just me sharing, no comment or discussion invited in this particular thread.

@Piet, did I miss anything

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@andrestaltz the profile update as an emote is really powerful... it tells me a lot about your current state and I was excited to find it was connected to this incident (and not just a spicy fashion shot).

I think some time at Art~Hack I'm going to upload a bunch of different faces of mine with different emotions so I can &-mention them in threads to express myself. Linking this to profile updates could also be really fun.... and more than fun, if there's a way to know I'm pissed off, or super excited and then backlink to what's holding my emotional attention that would be fascinating

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hey @Cute Spider , welcome to the party. You might like to check out #vegan-junkfood

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I'm not personally gonna support P2P Foundation stuff while they're in such a fraught position (I assume nothing has change and the organisation has done nothing with the Michel situation.)

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