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Cook Strait Wherry


Someone might be interested in this.
I wanted a boat that (in order of importance):

  • I can get in and out of when spearfishing and not sink it
  • Can lift it on and off the top of a car
  • Big and stable enough to pull in a setnet or cray pots
  • Wont sink if a wave breaks into it
  • Rows well
  • Long enough for a sliding seat
  • Durable
  • Cheap


  • I took the design of an Annapolis Wherry and:
  • Made the topmost strake on either side an extra 100mm larger to give extra freeboard
  • Added pontoons that sit above the water in good conditions so it might still cruise at 4 knots under oar and sprint at 6 (maybe.) When adverse conditions would otherwise sink an Annapolis Wherry the pontoons on this start working and it gets slower but gains a sort of secondary level of stability.

I have two small kids and a couple of businesses so no time to build boats. I am roughing this out (and I do mean rough) at night a little bit at a time.

I didn't even bother with stitch and glue I just screwed the thing together, filleted it up and glassed the inside. I should get the pontoons sorted soon, glass the outside and maybe have it in the water for spring.

Then I will see if it is a total dog.
If it does the job I want it to then it might be worth me making some plans as other people might want something like this.


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@rhodey orbits
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@rhodey orbits

@Smith this is a beautiful boat, excellent work!

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@Tim Schumacher
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@Smith Took me a few moments to figure what's going on there: the hunkery looking bit round the top (and sticky out bits at the sides) are temporary, and holds the formers in place relative to each other while you 'plank' her up?

Sweet looking, about that sail............)

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Love it!!!

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Totally Random

@Zie shared a pretty pic of Montana


@smith shared some pictures and thoughts about the boat they're building.

Smith's boat

@Viktor Zaunders is wondering

Could we 3D print a FruitingBox that could be rolled into a heating space for sterilization and then into an incubator and fruiting chamber in order to produce mushrooms.

@smyds made some shoes.

DIY sandals

@CallumTheRobertson has "...just finished quantitatively measuring the distance from my garden to the surface of the moon."

examining an egg carton

if you want to know what that's about you'll have to view @Fabián Heredia Montiel's post about the workshop they attended. With many other nice photos.


@rabble posted some beautiful followup pics to the off-grid house mentioned last week.

The outsides are as beautiful as the insides...

inside rabble's place


@Hank put together a potential logo for Patchwork. Gotta say, I like it.

patchwork logo

@dinosaur posted that

...even healthy minds can be somewhere on the spectrum (a mild case) of a mental disorder, which is okay. the more clearly we see ourselves as we are, the better we can take care of ourselves.

@alana posted

For several years I've been following, and occasionally advising/supporting a project called Self Help Groups, which is a mobile app that guides facilitators of savings pool groups in East Africa. They just started releasing a series of videos on their blog with stories of the savings pool members and how it's affected their lives.

If you're not familiar with savings pools, they're pretty amazing and transformative things in many poor communities.

A couple weeks ago @av8ta posted about ssb-chur as "...another way of going about rewarding people [financially] for their creativity in the scuttleverse"

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