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Elementalist Mage of Blue Order
Alignment: Neutral Good
Bond-beasts: Loki the Mini Aussie
Velcro the Dachshund/Jack Russel

Str: 14 Dex: 12 Char: 12
Int: 12 Wis: 17

Cloaked in blue, and following the druidic order of elementalism. Studies the forces of nature, and their effects on the elements, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air and their alloys, in and interest to produce tasty treats for the mind body and soul.

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And here are two other grow mediums that I came across, but have not tried:

Zarrouk Medium:

Nutrients g/L
NAHCO3 (Sodium bicarbonate) 16.8
K2HPO4 (Dipotassium hydrogen phosphat) 0.5
NaNO3 (Sodium nitrate) 2.5
K2SO4 (Potassium Sulfate) 1.0
MgSO4 . 7 H2O (Magnesium sulfate) 0.2
CaCl2 (calcium chloride) 0.04
FeSO4 . 7 H2O (Ferrous sulfat) 0.01
EDTA (ethylene diamino tetracetic acid) 0.08
Solution A 1mL
Solution B 1mL

Solution A

Nutrient g/L
H3BO3 (Boric acid) 2.86
MnCl2 . 4 H2O 1.81
ZnSO4 (Zinc sulfate) 0.22
CuSO4 (Copper Sulfate) 0.08
MoO3(Molybdenum oxide) 0.01

Solution B

Nutrient g/L
NH4VO3 (ammonium vanadianate) 0.0229
K2Cr (SO4)4 . 24 H2O (Chrome alun) 0.0960
NiSO4 . 7 H2O (Nickel sulfate) 0.0478
Na2WO4 (Sodium wolframate) 0.0179
Co(NO3)2 . 7 H2O (cobalte nitrate) 0.0044

RM6 Growth Medium

Nutrient g/L
single super phosphate 1.25
sodium nitrate 2.50
muriate of potash 0.98
sodium chloride 0.5
magnesium sulphate 0.15
calcium chloride 0.04
sodium bicarbonate 8
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So I've grown out the Spirulina to two 10 gallon tanks, and I've been harvesting them every few days, getting about 1-2 tablespoons per harvest. So I might as well give an update.

Growing medium

Here is the growing medium that I use, I would grow out the spirulina until it blocks most incoming light and then add 5 L of new filtered water (to removed choline/chlorates) with the following nutrients. Repeat until your tank is full, then you can start harvesting.

Common name Substance Amount (g/L)
Baking Soda NaHCO3 16
Salt Peter KNO3 2
Sea Salt NaCl 1
ADP NH4H2PO4 0.1
Iron Sulfate FeSO4 0.01
  • All ingredients must be food grade (not technical grade)
  • If your water is soft (<10 mg of calcium per liter) you must add 0.1g/L of lime, calcium chloride or plaster to the mix
  • DAP (NH4)2HPO4 can also be used instead of ADP in the same ratio, and is easily found at brewing stores

  • The iron sulfate is best added chelated, by dissolving it in 1 mL strong green tea per 10 mg Iron sulfate used. I ended up purchasing 350mg tablets from the drug store, and I dissolved off the coating, then ground it into a powder. 1 tsp is 5 mL, thus 7 tsp of green tea per 350 tablet. For every 10 L of water add 2 tsp (10mL) of this solution.

Harvesting Spirulina, Bluegreen algae, Cyanobacteria

Check the pH of your tank, it should be above 10 before you harvest, but below 11. Your first batch might be a little lower, but over time it will rise. If it's low, you can wait, or harvest and throw this out, although your first batch shouldn't be contaminated so it should be fine to eat.

Using a siphon pour the algae rich water through a tight weave clothe or filter media. I use a nylon screen printing fabric (>300 mesh) because it is easy to clean. Put this over a large clean bucket because you will put the filtered medium back into the tank.


Squeeze out any extra water through the cloth, and weigh out the spirulina. You'll then need to add more nutrients and then pour it back in.


Ingredient Amount
Saltpeter 140 g
Ammonium phosphate 5 g
Potassium sulphate 3 g
Epsom salt 2 g
  • Grind this all up in a dedicated coffee grinder until fine well mixed powder.
  • If the water is calcium-deficient, 1g of lime
  • Some say use 1 tsp powder and 1 tsp of iron juice per 2 Tbls harvested.
  • Others say weigh the spirulina harvested (either dry weight or a quarter of the weight of the spirulina paste after pressing). For each gram of spirulina harvested, add 1.5 g of mixture to the tank. --> 0.375 * wet weight, which looks about like 1/3 of weight weight to me.

Eat the's essentially tasteless if you've pressed out all the water (otherwise there is a residual baking soda flavor).


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Romulus and Remus :tm: is the best creamer. I was raised on that stuff. Hawooooo!!!


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@zelf mentioned:

Rasp Pi 4A+

What is this? A new version? I thought they topped out at 3 model B...

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Welcome to the scuttleverse @Maerus!

Do you have a morning ritual? What brings you here?

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