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A monkey of two minds about everything. Constantly questioning, "Is it true, is it kind, is it necessary?"

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I'll see myself out...

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Just as long as it's not Arti, I read in the paper that he chokes three for a dollar.


So, it never ceases to fail, after about 8 hours garbanzo beans start to make creaking and popping noises while soaking. Scares the bazeezus out of me when I'm home alone, "Who is in the other room?"

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@Eb4890 You're hitting on too many of my side projects for me not to jump in and speculate here a bit.

From my readings and experience growing algae, it only needs to be in the sun for short periods of time, in fact it does well with some rest periods. I've seen a design that pumped the algae up into the sun and then allowed it to drain back into a holding tank. This could be used in an oil tanker scenario.

Spirulina also grows well in brackish high pH you can use the left over water from a desalination plant (reverse osmosis using sea water).

Re: solar powered air pumps
12v offroad air pumps work are an option for this. I have an ARB CKMA12 that I've been meaning to put on my 100 gallon tank. The 3 horse AC compressor that is currently on it blows the circuit that it's on too often as it's currently wired for 120V, and I think it would prefer it's own 220V line.

As others have mentioned, compressed air is inefficient above something like 8 lbs pressure as lots of heat is created. I once took Daniel Fong, the lead scientist of LightSail Energy, out to lunch and picked her brain on their technology. They essentially spray water into the tank while it's compressing the air, to trap this waste heat, then store the hot water in an insulated vessel. Later when they want to use the compressed air to create electricity, they spray the hot water into the compressed air tank to heat it back up and increase the pressure close to the original levels.

Perhaps coiling some copper tubes around your tank and pulling off the heat for other uses? Or just chalk it up to heating the garage (too noisy for the house itself).

re: food sufficiency on a boat
Look into Anthroponics, ie using aged urine in a hydroponics setup, and black soldier fly larvae to eat feces as a feedstock for fish or poultry. @tilag wrote a bit about it here some 2 years ago.

I'm sure fishing would be a good means of providing some of your nutrition.

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Synergy, or synergistic ecosystem
regenerative system
resilient integrated system
self regulating ecology
reciprocal environment

Voted Fantastic! I will absolutely look at all these. I believe I started the Ki

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