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@happy0, I think an install works to replace a previous version only when the signatures match. If your current manyverse was installed through Dat Installer, then this dev version will work. If installed through F-Droid or Google Play, it might not work.

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Fantastic research @utunga! I would love to build a 'bridge' with these persons you talked to, so that we can start deploying Manyverse (specially when it gets Bluetooth sync) in the global south. Let's stay in touch

Voted **Nicola** is aother person who has worked with international groups for m
Voted **Justin**, of local2global had a lot to say. In
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Fully agreed with the evaluation of the current state of SSB moderation. Two tools (that need to be implemented in apps) would significantly solve this:

  • Transitive blocks
  • Block lists

Well basically we can strike out "transitive blocks", first because it's a bad name (it's not mathematically transitive), and because block lists are an implementation of it. In fact Dominic already made a library for block lists.

It's interesting that I see some people block account X and point out some cypherlink to the critical message, but I can't even open the message or the account X. I think it's because I have been using a lot of blocks (in my social circles I'm the account that has most blocked others), also on pubs and such, so that I don't get content from such users to begin with. If this would be implemented as a block list, then it would suffice for people to subscribe to my block list and they would be "safe".

What @christianbundy said was also a fantastic idea. I bet the calculation would interest Dominic, since he worked on the dynamic graph djikstra algorithm. I bet there is some graph algorithm paper on a proper metric for this, that we can simply implement.

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