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Human in Cascadia trying to do the right thing(s). We have enough for everyone.

< no cages, no gods, no masters >
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Voted ...testing to see if I can use ye olde [SMIL](
Voted so awesome! i'm going to show our apprentices tomorrow. we just started nod
Unfollowed @kaffie


Does anyone have a solid grasp on how the Who to follow list works? I hovered over the person at the top of the list, and all I see is "this person is blocked by 17 of your friends". I'd imagine this is probably a bug, but I figure I should probably post about it before deep-diving the code.

Voted # A Couple Suggestions for Spending yr Day in Wellington There's going to
Voted Also super highly recommend walking in the "town belt". Imagine a circle ce
Voted **Wellington, NZ** Today I woke up feeling slightly homesick. I'm a creatu
Voted [@seanb](@N/vWpVVdD1e8IbACUQE4EVGL6+aodQfbQZ8ByC+k79s=.ed25519) Author of
Voted :heart_eyes_cat:
Voted This was _so_ lovely. I laughed a lot! [@Christian Bundy](@+oaWWDs8g73EZFUM

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