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Free person living in a quilombola village, experimenting with a fully p2p network for the community, and trying to build a prototype for an Open App Ecosystem to run in the mesh.

True believer in a global Swaraj.

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Another 0.4 ETH ~ $100 USD

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The concrete tower has been erected! :tada:

Had a problem with the node in the tower for the first two days, but everything was back to normal after a firmware re-install this morning. It's really windy now, and at seems the connections has stabilized, but I noticed that Aridi's node is unstable due to the wind. So that's one of the next challenges to tackle, but this operation has been an overall success and milestone for our project.

The connections still aren't the best, relying mostly on the 2.4Ghz radio for two important links, which is not ideal, and is slowing the bandwidth down. Ping on the gateway is at around 30ms while in the tower node it's at ~350ms, varying a lot.

But as long as the internet is stable enough, people will be happy. I'll update all the nodes with some latest updates to shared-state, and try our captive-portal voucher system once again. If the bugs start happening I'll have to take down the vouchers and put passwords on the routers, until we solve the issues.


We also had an interesting community meeting about our watershed. Such an assembly hasn't happened since the first year I was here, over 5 years ago, when the state wanted to build a sewage system and throw the waste at our river. We succeeded in stopping the project, but the meeting was really a shame, since the topic was forgotten and small personal issues took over the discussions.

I feel a revival in community union is happening, and information was talked about as key element. Although most are aware of the community-network project, they still haven't made the connection to how it could help with that. Let's give time some time.

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