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Hi, I'm Michael!

I'm a programmer-musician in Portland, OR
I work with #holochain
I love to dance
I'm into: good health, distributed apps, Go (weiqi), functional programming, and playing all kinds of music

Voted # Unjust, Unsustainable Software Systems: Is Computing Insolvent? Thu May
Voted I like this because it mentioned Kialo, and I remember seeing Kialo once, b
Voted This is the first real post I hope to really engage with people on that I'v
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Voted # Modeling Indigenous Peoples: Unpacking Ideology in Sid Meier’s Colonizati
Voted Riverside walk, amazing coop local food, and a dive with tacos al pastor an
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Voted # ssb-patchql client devdiary 26/04/2019 ## Getting up and running - Pull
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