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I'm Nate, you can call me what ever you want. ;)

Re: %Api2i/7NK

@dangerousbeans I have asked about getting partial access to the island, or having the opportunity to gain access. Best I can get is the ability to anchor there, and use a few of the rooms on the island. I even offered to pay for improvements and was met with no positive response.

I do know a couple other people who have serious intentions to buy the island, for me it would be about crowd sourcing the money for the island, and managing access to it using smart contracts, for longer stays, projects etc.. or a walk in (float up) policy that would allow said vagabonds to contribute their energy and get fair return in terms of say food, a place to put up a tent, or a bed to sleep in.

Currently hanging out with an interesting group that have the closest to what I have imagined so far...
Some information here:

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Awesome @Richard D. Bartlett

The road, not the car... be the flow

I'm I correct in thinking #patchwork is "listen only", as in it chooses wether to pull information as apposed to just receiving it?

If so; I think this is the only aspect (in my opinion a distinction) of how SSB works and why it benefits the end user, that is missing from the great outline you have crafted

P.S. Did you feel the shift last night?

Re: %stnWCmHNt

I can help with people that are interested in this technology and also have some to share with the community here. I've been traveling full on, but move into a place for at least 2 weeks.

Time of the day is not a constraint foe me, so I will be available any time (that I'm available) to share the opportunities I see for collaboration and funding.

If there is a link to the place and time, I would love to join the conversation

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Re: %HGQUUazks

Just been reading through this, great stuff. What do you guys think about using an alt, with lower transfer fees?

I'm setting up a trading crypto trading club with friends, basically I offer to manage the exchange most of the time, with a couple of trusted parties able to take over to make sure we don't all loose our investments.

For management, I take a commission on profit, which covers transfer fees and purchasing new crypto. Also in the commission is a % thats allocated to a monthly grant pool, which members can submit and vote for ideas to receive the monthly profit share.

My last few BTC transactions have taken hours, and cost more than $20 USD. Not very sustainable given I would probably be able to offer $5 - $10 per week.

Thanks for sharing the multisig setup @cel , I'd like to give this a go alongside #loomio and cobudget (sorry for lack of link in a car driving through the mountains, once again loving SSB for its offline capability)

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