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Trying out #manyverse! I don't get mobile notifications so please follow and mention my non-📱 identity.

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A sandwich haiku:

All bread is tasty
And toppings make it better
But add top bread too

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Re: %Y5Jdjiy5H

@masukomi: one problem is that we aren't actually deleting messages from people you block, but there's an open PR for that in Patchwork (it took heaps of work that was funded by the Verse crew).

Blobs are tricky because we just store them on the filesystem without recording where they came from, so pruning blobs is a long process of checking every message against every blob. I wrote ssb-blob-prune to take care of this, but it isn't available in any clients yet.

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Re: %nYwjvyRNa

Thoughts: I think of this feature less as a "fork" and more of a nested reply (sort of like Reddit). The interface shows them as forks, but I think they have a bunch of promise as an indented reply to a specific post.

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Voted Stuff I enjoyed on the butts today: - with [@cryptix](@p13zSAiOpguI9nsawkGi
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Voted > [@mnin](@SXVoA/7CuMRS5IDTNsO8HU2PvCIVq8HKUUx/k+idDiQ=.ed25519) I'm totall
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Re: %xaw/U3Jm1

24 hours in and all is well. I've found myself using my Wikipedia app more, and I had to install the standalone Firefox password manager (Lockwise) to access my app passwords.

I also had to click an email link to confirm my Firefox sign-in, which I had to do from a computer, but I was near a computer anyway.

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I got to hang out with my friend Jordan last night, which is always a really great time, and while bouncing between a few dozen topics we briefly talked about mindless web browsing (e.g. Reddit) and how we use our phones.

He said that last month he uninstalled the web browser from his phone and he's been super happy with the result. I thought it was a bit extreme, but I decided to give it a shot and I think I really like it?

I got an email notification from GitHub and immediately clicked the link, which made my phone complain that it didn't have any app to open it. I thought I'd be annoyed, but I actually felt a bit relieved that I couldn't check it, and that I'd have to wait until had time to get on my computer.

I don't know how long this experiment will last, but the first 12 hours have been really nice.

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Voted So true, [@kas](@RuNxm8SRujPcJx6GjtTQHp6hprAFv5voEkcvoAkB8Pk=.ed25519). But

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