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Namaste Care is a loving approach to caring for people, especially those with advanced dementia. While "dementia" is meaning "the spirit has gone" this program is named for the Hindu term "namaste" meaning “to honor the spirit within”. And this is why I try 2 follow the Namaste Care pathway dealing with dementia.

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Lemna almost killed a previous aquarium of mine by blocking all light from above.

Well it's up to the tank maintainer to net and remove them on time.

A weekly job while changing water for 1-2 minutes.

Not a plant I would want again in an aquarium.

Duckweeds are in my TOP10.

  1. perfect nutrition suckers and removers,
  2. efficiently located close to the sun/aquarium lights,
  3. able to "eat" atmospheric carbon,
  4. expand the bio-film surface in the tank,
  5. home for little snails and young life bearers,
  6. shelter and anxiolytics for shy fish afraid of predators from above like herons or raccoons,
  7. an eustress factor -> minimize ill making adrenaline and disstress times,
  8. being green light filters - everything looks beautiful and healthy,
  9. plant eaters love them (goldfish, rainbow chichlids, river turtles, hens, canary birds..).
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Wow, found them on internet and could get a starter kit. Thank you!

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Fantastic idea for a tiny tank. Thanks.

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Voted I was just now in an Extinction Rebellion demonstration in Helsinki, consis

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