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Mission: Invent, build, and explain technologies based on abundant resources for the benefit of the greatest number of people.

Political Goal: Take (peaceful) capabilities that are currently reserved to the biggest companies and nations and make them available to individuals and small communities.

Current Projects (Goal(s) and next steps)

  1. PhD Thesis Writing (Complete research training)
    1. Port papers material to thesis, revise, and submit (June 30th)!
    2. Present Genet at SASO19 (June 16th-June 20th), Train Trip Grenoble-Umea
  2. Handshake Council Gardening (Increase the amount of resources flowing in the community, experiment with democratic processes)
    1. Analyse the community vote outcome
    2. Distribute overseeing responsibilities on individual budget items between Council members
    3. Ensure we are regularly spending funds on the Budget items (Council Records)
  3. Solarpunk Lego Workshops for Kids (Experiment with alternative energies at a desktop scale, expose kids to those ideas)
    1. Solar Train (June 11th)
  4. Solar Bike: latest prototype (Enable cheaper medium/long-distance travel and nomad work)
    1. Test the using new folding panels on reception, without a trailer
    2. Bike trip from Grenoble to Rennes
  5. SSB Research (Kickstart a research community on and about SSB)
    1. Submit Grant Applications to NLNet
    2. Start Paper on Concurrency and Permission Behaviour of SSB Apps

On Hold:

  1. French Association (ACCESS) and SSB Native Associations (IASU) (Increase the amount of resources flowing in the community, experiment with democratic processes), will be resumed after my responsibilities with the Handshake Council are relieved:
    1. Membership Protocol
    2. Creation of a Pub for ACCESS

Useful References:

Voted Hi everyone! Long story short, I am a Brazilian living for a while in Germ
Voted it's by [@nxo](@x99SXLtu8laSHk4/cGCY+vuj+IaG/6sh946zbBwpB+8=.ed25519) iirc
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Voted proxying a delightful @substack hack:

The Ark Dev Kit: An offline-first portable computer


The upcoming Ark Dev Kit on CrowdSupply looks similar in purpose to the PeachCloud project. Perhaps, there are a few things to learn from it?

#peachcloud #dat

Re: %almibG14p

I meant this link.

Re: %almibG14p

@Zé Also, I maintain this "wiki" (which is actually an editable gathering of people that is hacked to serve as collectively mutable message) that lists ongoing and past research on SSB. Should you plan to write a paper that uses SSB as a use case, or study or improve on some aspect of it, please list it there by editing the description. That should make it easier to find collaborators and generate excitement on your work! And if you loose that link because of the information overload, it is always at the bottom of my profile page.


Welcome @Zé, warm welcome on SSB! We have a tradition in inviting newcomers to introduce themselves in the #new-people channel to help them find like-minded folks and cool topics!

To everyone else, especially @Luandro and the others from #brazil, this is José I have met in the Doctoral Symposium at the SASO 2019 conference! He is awesome and is looking to apply his research to help fellows back home.

Also, @sam_uk, you guys may want to flesh out more the bus access point use case together!

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Voted Thank you for taking the lead Andre, and thank you all for the support. I'l

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