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Hello :wave:

I’m a non-coder who studies technology from a social science perspective.

I’m interested in how technologies and people influence each other. I’m especially interested in things like privacy, data ethics, technology resistance/non-use and how communication technologies shape people’s everyday lives.

As part of this, I’m working with @Teq on an ethnographic project exploring the scuttleverse. We want this work to benefit the SSB community and welcome any ideas or feedback you might have!

Essentially, our aims are to understand SSB and the sociotechnical dynamics that are shaping it. In particular, we’re exploring the long-term dynamics of decentralised sociotechnical communities and how people are developing clients like patchwork to function as alternatives to centralised, corporate social media. If you’re interested, you can read more in our Project Outline! and check out our updates via #ssb-research

Research aside, I’m also just excited to hang out here. I’m always for up chats about cooking, living off-grid, intersectional politics, and reminders of my homeland aotearoa #new-zealand


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Te reo for Scuttle-Camp

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In the discussion about traditional custodians and scuttle-camp, I suggested having a short list of #te-reo Māori (Māori language) words that people could use at the event and in their NZ travels.

There was some enthusiasm for this idea (ping @dan hassan @Dominic) so I’ve gone ahead and drawn up a list. Very unfortunately I’m not actually going to be at Scuttle-Camp, so it’ll be up to someone else to pick this up and champion it at scuttle-camp if they’d like to see it happen. Probably the best I can do is print a bunch of hard copies and send them in @Teq’s luggage!

I’ve kept the list super simple –– it’s focused on words that are fairly easy to say and will be relevant for the event. My thinking is that, for people who aren’t familiar with the language, it’ll be more helpful to just have a few words to practice hearing and saying. That said, I’m quite happy to build a longer list if people think that’d be useful. And if there are words you’d like to see, feel free to add or request them!

Here we go!

Clicking on each word will take you to the online Māori dictionary where you can hear the word being spoken! Sometimes there is more than one word listed on the page, so you may need to scroll down to the right one.


Meaning: New Zealand

Sound: Ao-te-ah-roah

“Woah, Aotearoa is really nice aye!”

Kia ora

Meaning: Hello. Also ‘thank you/good wishes’ in casual situations.

Sound: ki-ora / sounds like one word / the tricky part is rolling your ‘r’

“Kia ora Manni! How are you!?”

“Here are your fish and chips.” “Oh, kia ora”

Ka pai

Meaning: well done, good.

Sound: ka-pie

“What do you think of this?” “Oh ka pai! That’s awesome”

“Ka-pai everyone. You’re doing a great job”


Meaning: work

Sound: ma-he

“Thanks for your mahi today everyone!”

“Hey, I think you’re doing really important mahi.”


Meaning: talk, say, speak –– includes formal addresses and casual conversations.

Sound: koor-rero / The tricky part here is rolling two r’s –– they come out sounding closer to an English ‘d’ sound. Try starting the ‘r’ sound with your tongue on the roof of your mouth!

“Thanks for that great kōrero. You’ve given us all a lot to think about”

“Hey have you got time for a quick kōrero? I wanna ask about your idea for xyz”


Meaning: Food

Sound: Just like the name ‘Kai’

“Okay everyone, the kai will be ready in five minutes!”

“Hey, do you wanna go grab some kai? I’m starving”

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Annie looks very cosy

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