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I'm too cynical to trust any party

It's not you that's cynical Dominic, it's them. They think this shittiness is the only way we can do things; you merely call it for what it is.

To a certain extent, National, Labour and NZ First are all guilty of this (too early to tell for the Greens yet, but there's probably not that much they can do), although I was pleased to see both NZF and Labour using the normally-avoided word "Capitalism" in a negative way.

It's fascinating to see in the last ten years more and more people have referred to the beast in meaningful ways, rather than the usual lack of a name or empty buzz words ("common sense", "the only alternative", etc.).

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Wow, excellent. Cheers for the heads up, I might check that out myself sometime.

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Also agree that packages are not something that are tied to a social graph

sure they do, this is the whole gist of Marx's commodity fetishism [1]. if we say there is only a functional or exchange value to the thing, be it a chair, a film, a piece of software or a boat, we reduce a complex social thing to an overly simple non-social thing. by using a piece of software, by definition you are engaging in a social act, you are making a link in the social graph. merely because there is no "hi, how are you" or other social conventions doesn't mean there is no social interaction. stallman talked around this in "Free software, free society" too. this is the entire point behind free/non-proprietary software

i agree with the point on dual distribution though

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My take: McDonald's is converting their staff into a private security force whose main goal is to
protect the property of the franchise.

this reminds me of a realisation i had at work (i used to be employed by our local public library system) some months ago. i'd been prompted by reading that 25% of americans were employed in protecting property. ha, thought i, I do a non-evil job, none of that for me.

Then i realised the restrictions we have at the library. Nominally, our job is "help people find information", but actually it's a lot of:

  • I'm sorry, you can't go in the basement
  • No, you're not permitted to take any more books out until you pay your fines
  • You can't take any books out without a library card
  • We need some ID and proof of address before you can get a library card
  • Your fines are too high, we've sold your debt to a collection agency. No library card for you.
  • That DVD costs $5.20, you may only take it when you pay
  • The library closes in 10 minutes, we need you to leave now. Come back tomorrow.
  • You've had the computer for 3 sessions today; no more until tomorrow
  • It's 20c a page to print
  • A new library card? Sure, $2.10 please.
  • That is a staff only area, you aren't allowed through that door
  • and so on and so on.

Even a gentle, public sector, apparently nondiscriminatory job such as librarianing requires a lot of time and effort denying access to stuff. I was rather disheartened when I realised this. So yes, of course McDonald's is in the business of this.

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I only just saw this, am very interested. If possible I'd like to get one, could you let me know if the group purchase went ahead.


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Are you playing calvinball on ssb?

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Also, Red Plenty is now on my "to read" list.

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