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(she, her)

About me:

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#Christianity #libertarianism #rationalist-adjacent #transhumanism #freeculture

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Re: %DyaiGdGMY

There's definitely activity in the scuttleverse generally, I'm just not seeing anything in the rat-adj corner specifically.

Changed something in about
  "type": "about",
  "about": "@Rar42tXuNFrhLHIEjzfkt36gKGpR8DfyXKcc31YlYHU=.ed25519",
  "description": "**Sonata Green**  \n_(she, her)_\n\n---\n\nAbout me:\n\n- recently converted #Christian\n- aspiring #glowfic writer\n- #libertarian and/or anti-capitalist market anarchist\n- member of the [#rationalist adjacent #catgirl] empirical cluster in person-space\n- #transhumanist\n- #libre culture fan\n- fake #cyberpunk geek girl\n\n---\n\n![sonata-green-100.png](&wHBFV2ZmpmSKcPFBzY/P62e1l3WpJks1t7fJXjFZD9c=.sha256) ![lireci.png](&61Cz3gmHi9jMmRU/bppNXWWbi0BElOSPDRDbSK50qEc=.sha256) ![teal-and-brass-chunky.png](&5Qag3cFBDJ70ej3kGtPbhgX7HOsP1Cs9+gB8xCzNd+8=.sha256)  \n#Christianity #libertarianism #rationalist-adjacent #transhumanism #freeculture"
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Just booted up Patchwork for the first time in a couple months. Is it quiet in here, or am I just not synced yet?

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It'd be nice if I could be subscribed to someone in the sense of seeing posts by them and their followees, without having everything they post (or comment on, or like) show up in my main dashboard. That way I can get a broader view of e.g. channels I'm following, or #scat ; while still having a more curated and [higher signal/noise ratio] view for my main social feed.

Voted yeah, it would be cool to have multiple images! at the moment it's a singl

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