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Voted For anyone #teaching #programming, this is _excellent_. ### Ten quick tips
Voted Early day Communications: The formation of the first Transatlantic Cable 18
Voted Hi there again [@hoodownr](@YND2Cb9uk3ZdFyzXpaXDH5HZ9udu+qjg4MhNcynK2RE=.ed

Long article on the economics of free sotware.

Eghbal’s report frames open source software as a non-excludable public good. This is a technical term in social science that describes a resource that can be used by anyone regardless of whether they have paid for it—like roads and bridges, for example. Non-excludable public goods are a cornerstone of a healthy community, but they’re also subject to what economists call “the free rider problem” and the “tragedy of the commons.”

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When some one is local to me (but i did not befriend) You see them but but nothing happens

I think some clients (patchwork?) download a small number (100?) messages from local peers, so you can see their about messages and decide if you want to follow them.

Voted got in touch with martin-san the dat developer. turned out they are opening
Voted Last night I spent some more time coding on [%gitmx](%Ae8O3MnfoDjV5BhfZ3wR4
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@maggie, my dad was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was in his 40's. He was a brain surgeon and a professor in the medical school here, graduated at the top of his class, and did a sub-specialization in neurosurgery and a PhD (the hard way, before MD/PhD programs). He passed away in 2009, at the age of 67 from complications from heart disease. His father had passed away from heart disease at 53 years of age, so my father exercised regularly and lived longer.

It's funny though, even though he was a doctor, and could see the benefits of medicine and medical advice, he self-treated both his mental state and his cardiovascular condition. He didn't even have medical insurance. When his heart started acting up some doctor friends had to scramble to get him covered by the VA system (he was a Vietnam veteran, and had suffered injuries during service). He had a quadruple bypass, and spent several years in and out of the hospital.

Doctors in general make poor patients, and I think he thought nobody could be a better doctor than him (even outside his specialty), but one of the things he worried about was having his patients (or their families) find out he was undergoing psychiatric treatment. I believe regular treatment could have let him have a longer career and a longer life.

If the change in name from mental illness to brain disorder lets even a few patients get more treatment with less fear of consequences, I think it will be beneficial.

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Why is that @hoz ?

@ibob It's very dificult to get good shots. Pointing binoculars at the sky is easy, trying to photograph what you see is frustrating, and you need much more equipment just to get started. Then what you see with your eyes and what comes out of the camera are very different.

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Bytes instead of count will give you a different view. I figure posts will be longer than likes (but git commits would be longer than many posts).

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