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senior dadaist at osuuskunta hastur (Finnish co-op)

Voted Hey [@hoodownr](@YND2Cb9uk3ZdFyzXpaXDH5HZ9udu+qjg4MhNcynK2RE=.ed25519) it m

consonance vol 5, the unfinished sympathy edition, done. available next friday at midsummer solstice. Contains lots of sunshine, heartbreak and a song about my favorite animal.


hungry, need drying time and curry.

meanwhile, a message from mr marcel in Bangkok in answer to what are you up to:

Exploration and enjoyment

saving the world one guy at a time (mostly). couldn't have a better apprentice. There are other people better suited for discussing 2000 year old ethics door to door. Go marcel go.



stencil #drawings class pt 2


now you have your stencil all carved out, take a piece of paper and run the pencil thru. This will help to clear to stencil also and you get a practice run on what you are doing. Look at that, very nice for no illustration skillz whatsoever, just cutting a stencil. easy as ABC!

now's the time to get dirty and apply some paint. I use a few fluorescent paints I thin with acrylic medium. Throw blobs of undiluted paint on the image. Slap another piece of paper on top and let the paint smear. The another piece of paper will be used later. Then mix the paint and the medium to get a watercolor like wash.

trashing away to make holes in the stencil, over a piece of paper i I transferred some smeared paint in the previous step. Use a cheap pen to make the holes bigger so the ink will go thru. The stencil gets better this way as you use it again.

after a while you have a few pieces ready to dry out and the cat will come to check out your efforts if she is feeling lonely. Let the stuff dry Properly unless you want to destroy your prized copic markers.

You need not be limited to pandas only, cut stencils out of basically anything that floats your boat. I have found that my pandas make excellent Christmas, business, vocational training graduation or bar mitzvah gifts. Handing out a panda to celebrate I have found to be the Best way to make sure the recipient won't call you back, ever. =)


following back a big lump of ssb users throws patchwork in an indexing frenzy.
Let the distractions begin..

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