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@Richard D. Bartlett What is The Great Vibe?

Has anyone published their recipe of questions for discussing in a crew?

(Forgive me if this is answered already; I looked on and didn't see immediate answers there)

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Re: %qtDzPEm9U

& @SoapDog asked about my mention of "tribal warfare" on Mastodon instances.

It's similar to certain Reddit communities which rally together to dogpile / harass other Reddit communities. Admins of Mastodon instances respond by blocking federation between their instance and other specific instances, which fragments the feder-o-sphere. This is now common practice and some instances publish lists of which other instances they block and why.

Instances are often themed after affinity groups (politics, sexuality, etc) which I believe makes this kind of problem more likely since trolling can be a performative way to gain status by going after lower-status outgroups. It also means an entire instance can get blocked instead of only problematic users (but this is also a pragmatic way to block people in batches...)

Curated blocklists:

Instances describing which other instances they are blocking or allowing:

My thesis is that making these affinity group identities very salient increases trolling behavior.

Voted wow... this got long. I apologize if this was already covered in one of the
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if I create a "community" object called "SOLARPUNX!" and add a bunch of people to it

Yeah! Pubs currently serve two roles:

  1. replication helpers
  2. community curation / gathering point

I'd love to see pubs only doing replication and find some other way to make groups or communities where people can discover each other, but with more effort needed to opt in to the group (instead of the current situation with pubs full of randos)

Or maybe have 2 kinds of pubs: ones that are communities on purpose, and ones which are only there for replication. The friend-hop algorithm could refuse to traverse the replication style pubs.

But it would be nice to allow people to make communities without having to learn how to run their own pub, which isn't easy for most people.

We can also learn from Mastodon which is experiencing "tribal warfare" problems because people identify strongly with the instance they joined, which seems to predispose them to want to attack and troll other instances. If we make the idea of a community very salient we risk the same problem. However on SSB you can be in multiple communities (or at least on multiple pubs) which helps mitigate this.

Re: %qtDzPEm9U

not following pubs automatically & implications thereof

Noticed that noffle and cel are discussing the details of this halfway down this thread.

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Re: %qtDzPEm9U


I think this gets to a real need to get away from public pub's as a way of bridging in to the network. We've got proposals for invites and friend lookups and i think this is a great thing to discuss at the #scuttle-camp.

One easy change would be: when you join a pub using an invite code, your client could not make you follow the pub automatically.

  • Pub follows you = you get replicated
  • You follow pub = you get strangers in your timeline

This would remove pubs from your social graph, resulting in a more organic and spread-out social graph.

Say you start a new account from scratch and join a pub (but don't follow it). Is it possible to paste in a friend's address that they sent you outside of SSB and follow them? Or will that fail if it can't find them in your local db yet?

Voted I think this gets to a real need to get away from public pub's as a way of

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