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Taaadaaaaa :-)

"PrisonBreak" (prototype) v.3.0.0

@Nina came up with a more positive name and called it GoFree

The total cost of all parts vor Version 3 (excluding the smartphone, but including the keyboard and glasses) is currently around 50 USD


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Re: %Le/UDzvhL

@substack Money allows people who have currency it to control people who don't have it. This dynamic can be self-reinforcing in many ways, where money can buy productive assets and land that exclude others from improving their own lives because the means to that improvement are under the controlled by a wealthy elite.

Just that this is not the driving force of inequality and the control you mention and maybe or lets say probably even irrelevant, but rather the rules around what is means of payment and how is it created and who controls that are the driving force that allows control and causes inequality.

To cut straight to the core - we just need to look to banks and how they pay when they buy assets or pay salaries to their employees.
How do they do it?
They literally PRINT the money from thin air, because even if they wanted to do it differently, THEY CANT!
This is how accounting works.

Even if we would live in a world where wealthy people would not amass more and more assets to "reap" the profits to make even more. Those assets create costs too and you can always sit it out - switching demand to somewhere else, until the once wealthy person slowly looses its wealth, because while the revenue disappears or slows down, the costs stay.

...sadly, this logic falls down, if the wealthy person can always sit it out longer, because there is unlimited access to freshly minted money. A welfare system for the rich, that secures their assets all the time.
They just make more money to bail themselves out all the time.

Why are global debt levels on the rise at all times and rising faster and faster since forever?

@keks Alright, starvation is going down, I grant you that. Nevertheless you attach value to people, making some people more valuable and influential than most others. When these people die, this value is then passed on to their heirs, like in the fucking middle ages.

I agree that when you look at how markets work on paper or screen it all looks simple and elegant, but at the end of the day people run in treadmills just to survive and (the mostly rich) people in silicon valley disrupt away their jobs. This could be a good thing, because now these people have some more time to spend on things they actually like - except they will have to find a new (likely worse paid, so they'll have to work longer hours) job to stay alive. I guess there's a trend that people don't starve anymore but burn out.

Yes - sad story. We just today again - here in thailand were eating at the same place as usually and we try to support those people more, because they fucking work their asses off and they will never ever get anywhere in life even in a few decades, while some other people earn shitloads of money while they sleep and do literally fucking NOTHING!!!! ...and they are already born like that and they will live like that up to their last days - or maybe will never die, because we figure out how to solve aging.


  1. Simple - because the direct and indirect exclusive access to the money printing press.
  2. Even with crypto currencies - still not a good solution

...because money is nothing else then encoding our values, philosophies and feelings for fairness and each other into how we want to collaborate in the global economy.

The way we currently do this is HELL. Most people are not aware of this and think of money as a thing or as a god given or as something that is just the way it is... ...but it's just an encoding - whether people are aware or not - and it can be changed and encode very different values and philosophies and make everything nice for everyone.

We just have to see it as what it is. We designed a global accounting game - which - if you don't put it in numbers - will STILL go on, by every individual doing it in their head according to their values and feelings.

So whether we put it into numbers or not.
Whether we take a systematic approach or a tree hugging approach.
When new humans are born into the world, they learn about how to treat and interact with others.
If we want to teach it, we have to have a discussion, make educational material, put our ideas about fairness and how a nice world should co-produce and treat each other into words and stories and maybe even numbers, to explain it.

Things will not just change by wishing for it.
It needs a plan :confused:

Re: %Le/UDzvhL

@maymay is the manifestation of evil incarnate and has no redeeming place in the context of a system purporting to be built on and for human (and humane) relationships, while cryptocurrency itself is the most acute articulation of the capacity to violently enforce economic cruelty. That being said, insofar as the current status quo is the perfect encapsulation of Hell on Earth...

It depends on the kind of "money".
We are the people and we can make the rules about how to economically interact.
If you mean the current currencies (USD, EUR, NZD, YEN, ...whatever) i agree with your description.
Otherwise - it's just about the Accounting Game we design for ourselves. It's all about encoding our philosophies and values into code to share our wealth with others according to what we believe is fair and right. If you ask me about my feelings in this context regarding the fiat currencies we have in our global economy, I think your description is accurate and we really created hell on earth. ..sad story.
I also don't think this will ever change unless we propose a better replacement.

@xj9 money is literally just math (an abstraction over value).
say Alice, Bob, and Chandra produce different things: Pig, Wheat, Apples, respectively. each of these will have a different exchange rate Pig:Wheat, Apples:Pig, Wheat:Apples, &c. these numbers can be factored into an abstract value which can be used to denominate these exchange values using a single unit.

this abstract value will always exist when people are engaging in trade. money is a way to represent this abstract value as a unique token. 1 Abstract Value Unit (AVU) then become useful for other things.

lets say that Bob wants to trade for Apples, but Chandra wants Wheat, but neither of them want Pig right now. if they were able to denominate their produce in terms of an AVU then Bob could purchase his Apples no problem.

this also creates opportunities for Alice, Bob, and Chandra to cooperate. because their production cycles differ, they can use AVU to spend the value of what they produce at the most appropriate time, instead of at harvest time.

these all sound like good things to me, when does the evil emerge from the maths?

I think it's missing the point a bit. What you say is correct, but it seems to be not directly about money directly. You describe a market and setting prices and transacting which puts everyone into debt once they receive the goods and/or services.

Now money is a means of payment which we can use to settle the debt (in the context you mentioned, it usually happens aprox. in the moment you buy).

BUT: money did not fall from the sky. There are rules about creation and destruction of money and the privilege of those people and organization which are allowed to create and destroy money.
This is a source of great abuse, causes the inequality in this world and makes our world hell for many even though we could encode heaven... ...or at least something that is better than this hell.

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