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Re: %vsuB5sFAF

@andrestaltz was contacted by some folks wondering if SSB might be a good way for a mesh network of solar powered baloons to communicate.

aerial mesh network

chatting over ssb about a git-ssb project

@ev added support for Scat in MVD a while ago.

But today it occurred to me that it might be cool to have dedicated chatrooms for our projects on git-ssb. Many people use IRC, Slack, and Gitter as open source chat rooms, but what if we could chat about our projects right here on ssb? That’d be cool! So I got to coding.

And now you can do just that. Details in their post


@dinosaur shares info about the "open space" format that will be employed and explains how the talks of the event emerge during the event itself.


I've been to a couple programming related events like this and they were aawesome and filled with unexpected gems. Hallway discussions result in unplanned talks later in the day about topics people want to learn about.

@kas shared a link to the Data Terra Nemo talk May 17th and 18th in Berlin, Germany.

Data Terra Nemo is a technical conference for hackers and computer scientists focused on distributed and decentralized systems.

There are lots of interesting speakers including at least 3 folks from the Scuttleverse.

@Mathijs shares that Sol Nascente has just had their offer accepted on 2 hectares with a house in Northern Portugal.

We’ll have to close the deal within 3 months and want to buy as a cooperative, then build sustainable houses there and live in/with the forest. We are currently with 2 and are actively searching for participants.

Maybe you'd be interested in helping this endeavor.


@peg shared a talk where Daan Sprenkels "...explains how his implementation of shamir’s secret sharing is secure against side channel attacks by using bit slicing (among other things)."



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@The Scuttleverse Herald

the weekly - curated posts from the scuttleverse

Totally Random

@Christian Bundy shares Photos from the Hoyt Arboretum

Photo of Kathleen walking in the same trail as above

@hoodownr brings us the next evolution in SSB community: Molarpunk!


@Stian 3D printed a Bread Lame whein a utility knife failed to make the cut.

3d printed bread lame

@IBob shared some old-school aviation


Useful Info

A number of folks have asked about backing up thier Manyverse identity in case their phone dies, or because they want to reset it, or other reasons.

The answer (via @cel is that "Android's backup feature allows exporting app data." They've left instructions here, but the quick summary is "back up your manyverse data using adb command over USB (adb backup) and then after OS reinstall, restore it using adb restore"


@Giarc shared a talk about Decentralizing the Web Despite Itself

mozilla fosdem decentralization](&BG8I2XUZO78U7yxySjlo6jP+Hj+k69qNPcJZyOraSqo=.sha256)

@mix shared some early screenshots of their work towards improving onboarding of new users in Patchbay. Initial idea is discussed here.


This'll look far prettier before it's released but it gives a clue towards the direction. If there are additional things you think should be noted during the initial load please leave some comments.

@CrypticWyrm uploaded the prototype of their multiple choice interactive fiction tool that creates easy to distribute interactive fiction in HTML.


There's a video on YouTube explaining how to use it.

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Re: %Uenv8SCN0

:) glad you're enjoying them @m455

@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %vOe+9Vhhv

Thanks for the vote of confidence @Mira Mos Crime

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Re: %Uenv8SCN0

@warkruid got it into their head to try converting a PocketBeagle into an external computer/app.

If this was possible, then I could lift the complete [Mutt] mail configuration from my desktop and use it on the [PocketBeagle]. This includes an extensive amount of spam filtering and some security scripts. (This is the main reason I stick to mutt btw. All phishing mail and dubious links are “defanged”)

Click Through to see how it went.

After recent discussions of racket, scheme, and lisp @m455 shared their recent rewrite of their command line todo list app in Racket.



These summaries are brought to you by @masukomi, with the support of my lovely patrons. If you'd like to help continue their creation you can become a patron on Patreon.

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Re: %Uenv8SCN0

@Luandro writes about "using Telegram bots interconnected to valueflows thru Secure Scuttlebutt as transitional ground for community-first applications"

Despite not being the most sustainable solution, Telegram presents itself as the best option for users in transition to using community first technology. Having users transition to another app from WhatsApp, makes it easier for them to transition to other apps later on. Maybe a fork that works with decentralized protocols before actually giving them an #open-app-ecosystem :open_hands:

What’s really special about Telegram though is bots. It’s seems pretty easy to conceptualize, develop and distribute a bot, making it the perfect testing ground for experimental methods of community governance and economics. Since the bot runs on NodeJS it’s easy to interconnect it to ssb instances, so that the flows of value can be kept decentralized, and later easy to interconnect other applications. The actual Telegram data can later be downloaded and migrated to distributed storages and protocols.

Many more details in the post.


@Dominic put together another Hermies t-shirt design that's available on Amazon US

i hermit crab Hermies t-shirt

@elavoie shares a meeting in Basel Switzerland on the First Steps towards an SSB Research Community

Last Wednesday and Thursday (January 30th and 31st), @Aljoscha and I were invited by @Christian in Basel (Switzerland) to kickstart a paper, jointly written with @Dominic, that we hope to submit to an Information-Centric Networking conference in May. I would like to share a bit of the experience and excitement with you all.

The post continues on with some interesting tidbits for thought and concludes with this pic of lovely SSB folks.

basel switzerland ssb research group crab meet

@gwil shared some advice on What Makes Documentation So Difficult?

person pushes ball of documentation uphill

Gwil's post reminds me of a recent short blog post about "Why NASA converted its Lessons Learned Database into a Knowledge Graph [web link].


@jer started working on a single user high frequency trading platform for crypto currency arbitrage in Elixir.

@cel put together something to show you "...which peers your ssb-server has replicated with using ebt. It is basically like doing ls -lt ~/.ssb/ebt | head and turning the ids into clickable links.


More details are available in the post.

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Re: %Uenv8SCN0


@mixmix says

I started a long overdue tidyup of the profile page. Things I’ve changed in the master :

  • made “tabs” out of the different relationships
  • now only see “friends” by defaultm but can switch to “follows”, “followers”, “blocks”
  • added counts for how many of each type of relationship
  • changed the order
  • mutual credits are neat, but they are lower priority IMO than friends
  • made the persons avatar HUGE

There is some more thinking behind the changes in the post.

patchbay profile page

They also added an experiment to the peer_stats branch that may or may not go anywhere.

This is a graph of my activity over the past 90 days. Above the x-axis (in purple) are public messages, below the x-axis (in black) are private messages

More details here as well as in interesting little discussion about it.

patchbay peer stats

Non-geeks: The "master" branch of Patchbay changes rapidly and requires some geeky skills to work with. The changes will eventually make their way into the next stable release.

@kieran posted a pretty detailed summary of the Dark Crystal Peer Testing and Usability assessment work.

@mixmix then shared some ideas on a Minimal Standalone Dark Crystal client and what that might entail.

Software Community Intersection

@KawaiiPunk shares some thoughts on What is Lunarpunk software as well as some info on a couple apps they believe to be "Lunarpunk".

The thinking being that #scuttlebutt is a solarpunk platform. It is permissive, social, spacious, noisy, positive, collective, bright. #dat also has tends to have these characteristics both technically and through the aesthetics of the content I come across. These are networks designed to share data, to propagate and to explore.

The interesting thing is thinking about what lunarpunk represents and which software projects may already be tending in that direction. I see lunarpunk as being introspective, private, reflective, quiet, synchronised. Secret tunnels and underground networks.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald

the weekly - curated posts from the scuttleverse

Recent Days in Scuttlebutt

Totally Random

@Marco shared pictures from a recent farmers market trip

and later from their food sharing activity

savannah food not bombs food sharing

@not not charlie decided to take up weaving, got a starter loom, and is figuring things out with their kids.

![tarter loom with purple and white woven wool(&0elN9mtMxxQGMcz+hCnFZr6WK3EkrxTB4YULPcnPYXo=.sha256)

@SoapDog "...found a reaaaaaaallly good Chai :tea: shop in Camden Town called Pamban Chai. They make all their chai there not from syrups and concentrates but from the spices themselves." and shared some other tiny tea related thoughts.

SoapDog happy with chai in hand

@Richard D. Bartlett is asking the ever present question of our age How do you manage tonnes of email?
and goes on to share the process they're currently trying.

@Successor has been posting tiny opiniated summaries like this one about the stock market. Stock geeks can always go back and track what numbers were on a given day but these thoughts about the days stock events tend to get deleted from most sites after a while. I'd love to see this continue and to be able to search for this info years from now.

@SandyG used some "jugs of racing motor oil" to help build a MAME cabinet.

motor oil holds down wooden cabinet

There were a few steps before that.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald

This weeks summary will be delayed owing to the Flu. I was hoping to be recovered enough to do it today but it didn't happen. This strain is brutal. :disappointed:

@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %R6IjswDWy

I just noticed that I missed a couple links in today's update:

Here's @KawaiiPunk story about a Muay Thai fighter with a valuable lesson

Also a correction on spelling: Muay Thai not Mui Tai... Sorry about that.

And here's a link to @Mira Mos Crime's buffalo post.

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