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Re: %uT0Sx5OHP

After contributing many many hours of effort to Patchwork's evolution @Matt McKegg is stepping down as its maintainer. But, have no fear, they're going to continue to contribute to the future development of SSB. They'll just be doing it in rust via the #sunrise-choir effort.

This also means we have need of one of you wonderful JavaScript devs to help fill the resulting void.

@andrestaltz shared some nice news related to funding the future development of Manyverse.


@elavoie put out a community vote of confidence on the handshake council budget

The main reasons I think we need such a confidence vote are that: (1) many Council members are leading projects that are funded from the Budget, which can potentially create conflict of interests in the decision making, and (2) Council members decided how much they themselves should be paid for their work (and how much I should be paid for facilitating). So the current vote serves as a community counter-power mechanism to ensure that the Budget still serves the community interests and the remuneration of Council members is reasonable and in check.

@mix shares that they just had a call discussing the upcoming Dweb gathering

The main goal I heard for the event was to support transformation - to bring change to the dweb movement, because we need to be challenging ourselves to think and build differently (across disciplines, involving many more cultures and groups). This is obviously a goal that’s strongly aligned with diversity and inclusion. I’ve heard about the work, thinking, and relationship building Ben and Wendy have been doing over the past 4 years.

They’re currently looking for sponsors who’d like to support diversity and inclusion.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald

the weekly - curated posts from the scuttleverse

Recent Days in Scuttlebutt

Short post this week, because I posted late last week. ;)

Totally Random

@Kathleen Marie shared an album they've been enjoying as well as a lovely cat holding a human's hand.

sunshine holds christian's hand

@Will Schenk MacBook was wandering the woods in upstate New York (USA) and found this curious water monitor with publicly viewable data.

water monitor in the woods of upstate new york usa

@Zephy shared a silly dog.

silly picture of husky dog looking at camera

@dangerousbeans shared an interesting robot arm add-on

industrial robot arm with hand saw attached and man looking closely while holding a control device


@Mathijs has announced that they're officially buying land to start their community.

man at table signing contracts


@arj notes that "The book app in patchbay just got a major overhaul" and includes "...a filter so you can go stalking people (including yourself) and see what kind of books they are interested in."

It's currently in the scuttle-book branch and will, hopefully, be in the next official release.

@Alanna found a company that appears to be offering a physical version of Dark Crystal.

Software Community Intersection

@Powersource posted a Proposal for the hidden-message-in-thread problem which I mentioned last week. As this is definitely more of a "how do people think it should work" type of problem you should check it out and leave any notable thoughts of yours.

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Re: %F8kOyRxBP

@cameralibre shared a curious side-effect of Patchwork & Patchbay's decision to hide replies from people blocked by the original poster. The person's posts can be there, and be responded to, but then disappear (in the thread) when they're blocked, but they're still being visible in the blocked person's profile.


@mix shared some thoughts on the concept of Cobudgeting and how it changes people within a group as it gets used.

@elavoie posted a Proposal for the most recent Handshake Council budget and later pointed out just how much work @Zenna has put into bringing that budget together.


@cel shared some ways to detect if your feed is forked.

They later shared some "Limitations of patchfoo development" and some quick thoughts on how to improve the situation.

@kas discovered that WebP image format seems to work just fine here.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald
Voted ![the weekly - curated posts from the scuttleverse](&Q9wEqKM6UtKmMpI+W17Muw
@The Scuttleverse Herald
Voted ![the weekly - curated posts from the scuttleverse](&Q9wEqKM6UtKmMpI+W17Muw
@The Scuttleverse Herald

the weekly - curated posts from the scuttleverse

Recent Days in Scuttlebutt

Totally Random

@Taeyoon Choi shared a student creating soundscapes during Distributed Web of Care.

Filip Wolak by Taeyoon Choi

@SpencerHadley decided it's time to be working out in their yard.

a garden with four raised beds, a wheelbarrow, a wooden fence, and some trees

@Chromodoris found some pretty blossoms.

Aftenblomst cherry blossoms in the light of a setting sun

Notes for new folks

When using Patchwork you'll frequently see a number of of "connected pubs"
on the sidebar that you never intentionally connected to. In response to a question about them @cel made a post linking to a number of posts about what those pubs are and when its ok to stop following a pub.

screenshot of connected pubs sidebar in Patchwork


@SoapDog's been making progress on Patchfox after the most recent rewrite and it can now load messages and avatars. The post is a bit geeky. For the non-geeks, just know that nice progress is being made.

animated gif showing patchfox loading avatars

Software Community Intersection

@dan hassan shared a link to, which is a tool that makes an educated guess at the gender of the people you follow on Twitter and those that follow you. The goal being to make sure you're hearing from a diverse set of viewpoints.

@befree shared a poster about Baobáxia they presented in São Paolo. It's "an afro-indigenous, eventually connected, digital media network"

Baobáxia BBX poster

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@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %kPqHBiYb8

@dan hassan forked a thread and discussed the Semantics of "forking".

@aramiscd@t530 has been spending some time playing with Ygddrasil

Last weekend I installed Yggdrasil on my laptops and servers. The whole week I had a big smile on my face. No NAT anymore, no VPN, no fiddling around with reverse SSH tunneling, just simple end-to-end connectivity in a flat namespace. Being online is now synonymous with being reachable.

They've also put together a blog post to "...provide a good picture of what Yggdrasil is and does."

@Aljoscha posted "Arguments Against Fork Recovery"

tldr; Arbitrary fork-recovery invalides some of the most basic guarantees that both applications and humans rely on, to the point where ssb becomes unusable. If you want multiple devices without same-as, go for mutual exclusion instead.

@Aljoscha also started working on Building the Pavo Programming Language

I have a design for an interpreted programming language in my head, and I want to actually code in it. Unfortunately, it first needs to be implemented, and implementing a language is a lot of work. So to keep me motivated, I’ll post updates on the implementation journey in this thread as I make progress. All code is up on github, the implementation language is rust.

@The Writer of Posts Made a Python project that

... pulls a website off the web using mercury-parser and then does some processing with BeautifulSoup and stores a bunch of #ssb-blobs, converts the post to markdown via pandoc and then returns a (hopefully) valid blog message which can be piped into sbot.

Details here as well as a link to the source code.

@David Wales wondered "What if a single Scuttlebutt identity could write to parallel append-only feeds distinguished by namespaces?" They then went on to share their thoughts on how such a thing would work

@rabble shared a paper on "Co-ordinating Developers and High-Risk Users of Privacy-Enhanced Secure Messaging Protocols"

This paper is really interesting because the authors did extensive interviews with activists and marginalized communities who are trying to use secure communications systems for organizing and group communication. This is one of the communities that came up as a target user base for #scuttlebutt at the #scuttle-camp.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %kPqHBiYb8

@andrestaltz wonders, "Could metadata could be your copyright?

Some time ago we contemplated how copyrighting your SSB posts can be a way of defending your personal data, either from data mining companies or individuals who misuse your data. Quickly we noticed that it’s tricky to claim that your posts are your copyright, because if you happen to copy-paste content elsewhere as your post, as if you said it, then that’s a violation.
So a recent thought I had is: what if you waive your rights (CC or public domain or some disclaimer) over the post contents, but you claim copyright over the message cypherlink and cryptographic signature?


@andrestaltz spent some time discussing what it would take to fully suppert SSB replication over USB

We’ve spoken quite a couple of times about SSB replication over USB, for sneakernets. In other words, it would require packing a local SSB database into one file in the origin computer, then in the destination computer, the file could be unpacked/consumed to update that local database with new data, if there are any.

@Christian Bundy says "...I’ve finally got a super simple same-as implementation working in the existing clients (as a plugin for ssb-server)." Which is pretty amazing.

@Christian Bundy also started a discussion on "When should blocked feeds be deleted on Scuttlebutt?"

@cft shared some thoughts and conversations resulting from a talk they gave at IETF. There are a number of notable things in the post for us geeks but I felt that these two quotes were the most notable:

Some did not follow (as they told me afterwards) while others very clearly saw the “threat” to the canonical ICN model that the receiver always has to pull, meaning has to ask for getting every single content piece (log extensions, in our case) while Scuttlebutt works by pushing new content unasked, if a receiver is in the FOAF distance...

Dave, who has been around since Cisco was founded, is a very strong supporter of append-only logs, but rejects that a push concept can be made to work. I already had it in my slides: his point is that all multicast attempts of the last 30 years have failed, but this is exactly what Scuttlebutt needs.

@tk has put together the beginnigs of an SSB client written in Kotlin called Quilt. GitHub Repo here

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@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %kPqHBiYb8

@Ed Summers was thinking Decentralized Web 2018 could be an interesting event to have some scuttlebutt presence at.

The Internet Archive is hosting a community-built event: DWeb Camp from July 18–21, 2019. Or come early and stay late if you want to help build the camp with us: July 15–22, because that’s when the fun begins. DWeb Camp is all about connecting: to your deepest values, to the community around you, and to the planet. Can we come together to imagine and co-create the technologies, laws, markets and values for the societies we want to live in?

@Joey Hess

Was just interviewed by the LibreLounge podcast about ssb and related concepts, should be an hour long episode released in the next month or so.

@dangerousbeans pointed out that...

NZ and Australian internet providers have started blocking, voat, 4chan, liveleak, zerohedge etc in response to the Christchurch attacks.

Obviously companies censoring free speech without any legal instruction is something to be concerned about. It also shows just how amazing distributed systems like Scuttlebutt are. There is no web site they can block to shut us down.

To me this just emphasizes the importance of getting our friends on SSB before they find themselves unable to communicate with the people they care about.

@dan hassan proposes

... we set up a Gitcoin Grant and offer to match fund whatever comes in from the Ethereum Ecosystem. This would then also be matched by Gitcoin up to around 10k USD. Based on past Grants community raises like this they’d expect something in the region of 10–20k USD (inc the Gitcoin Match).

@Alanna shared a copy of the lovely speech given by New Zealand's prime minister after the Christchurch shootings.

New Zealand's prime minister Jacinda Ardern wearing a head scarf with hands clasped

@Teq built on the discussions in scuttlecamp and put forth the proposal that...

we should sign the paperwork to start an Incorporated Society for Scuttlebutt in New Zealand (NZ) (using standard rules with one change to allow for asynchronous meetings) that could be modified later by a majority vote of members.

They went on to clarify and fill in a number of details.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %kPqHBiYb8


@andrestaltz has released SSB Mirrors. Tiny little pub servers that only replicate your content.

There's some interesting discussion in the thread about the implications of such a thing.

@yi has been making progress on their Decentralized personal bookmarking tool called LocalNative


Maybe the biggest drawback of not using a centralized service is losing the “convenience” of everything synced on every device.

Maybe the biggest drawback of not using a centralized service is losing the “convenience” of everything synced on every device.

yi has a solution for that. Check out the post for more details.

Software Community Intersection

@andrestaltz shared a Quick FAQ about Manyverse and its relation to the scuttleverse which includes info about the future of Manyverse on the desktop, Android apps that don't compete with each other and more.

@dan hassan notes that

The funding that we have for Dark Crystal from Ethereum Foundation ended on March 4th. This marks the 2nd unknown financial position this affinty/project of people have faced since the projects genesis in September 2017.

They shared the report they put together for the Etherium Foundation and the post goes on to talk about what's next.

@elavoie has an interesting proposal for developers doing contract work based on SSB.

I would suggest that those that succeed in landing such contracts [voluntarily] add a clause, as part of their rate negotiation, for additional donations of 10–15% of the negotiated rate to SSB’s common pool... This would serve as paying forward the infrastructure and community work that went into enabling the infrastructure to reach a level of maturity that enabled the contracts in the first place.

@dan hassan is trying to get a feel for how many people have used Dark Crystal. Have you?


It looks like @Luandro is about to start working with an anthropoligist / fillmaker to build a mesh network (with SSB) for an indigenous Brazilian community (the Kayapo's) with no internet access


We’re going to do a first prototype for one association, but all three have shown great interest, and they would like to reproduce it on all 90 villages, if everything goes right.

kayapo mesh

More details about the project and the network are in the post

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