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Re: %1QW3UneRU


@zelf shared the proposed "Rules of Scuttlebutt NZ" for the new legal entity they're working on.

@cameralibre reposted a page linking to articles on the representation of diverse peoples through improved iconography and illustrations used in tech.

@zelf shared some thoughts on "How memes are increasingly running society and how it’s leading to a societal gap between the sexes."

Discussion ensued.


@Christian Bundy asks "How can we deploy new transforms to Scuttlebutt"

The JavaScript implementation has a database called flumedb where each message is passed to a handful of views, which extract the information they need and save it in their own little database. These views are isolated from each other, which is usually fine but presents a problem when you want to transform the messages before the view sees the data.

Discussion ensued.

@AceNovo (Dt-M) shared

...part of an activitypub server I’m building that’s intended to interact with data across multiple IRI schemas. I’m mostly interested in ActivityPub as a transient application protocol for ephemeral interactions, social discovery, and public key infrastructure. Even without structural support, it’s a lot easier to make SSB connections over ActivityPub than from web sources alone. Using an AP service to distribute pub invites is one way it might be used to facilitate on-boarding to SSB and enable new applications like the creation of ad hoc networks or graph obfuscation.

Check out the post for all the details.

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Re: %1QW3UneRU


@SoapDog/SurfaceGo has released an alpha version of Patchfox!

It should be noted that it does require the Developer / Nightly version of Firefox currently. It also piggybacks on scuttle-shell or a running sbot, or Patchwork or Patchbay.

More info in the post and at

All the congratulations are happening in this thread


Just added another default font to #patchbay to ensure everyone can enjoy unicode emoji. No-one has to learn how to install stupid fonts to know what their friends are feeling !



@dangerousbeans has been posting a number of updates about their SSB islands map ...thing


New features, mobile support, and more. I'm still not sure what it is, but I am also still fascinated with it.

Software Community Intersection

@cinnamon improved some great diagrams that simply, and visually explain the differences between Centralized, Federated, and Distributed systems, and included a link to the source, and SVG versions. The source on Figma includes non-text versions.


Please use and spread these.

@glyph shared the PeachCloud folks' recent application for a funding grant for "Privacy & Trust Enhancing Technologies".

Folks in this community seem to be gaining a fair amount of experience and knowledge in how to get innovative projects funded via grants. That's a pretty amazing resource for those creative types out there who want to spend more time doing awesome things.

@dan hassan shared info about @Dominic's recent interview on "Let's Talk Bitcoin" about

Secure Scuttlebutt – The “Localized” but Distributed Social Network

There's even a DAT link of the mp3.

stylized image of dominic tar's head and shoulders with name below

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@The Scuttleverse Herald

the weekly - curated posts from the scuttleverse

Recent Days in Scuttlebutt

Totally Random

@Emmi Bevensee and @mixmix spent some time making more pretty visualizations.

active ssb people

The 2nd image in the post reveals more details about those big blue circles in the center.

I love these visualizations people have been creating, but at the same time I'm not sure how to make them actionable. They're just so dense.

@KawaiiPunk says

Any musicians (of any level or aspiring) out there want to perhaps do a bit of a faerie-rings experiment where we do an audio call every two weeks to talk about what we’ve been working on, what struggles we’ve faced, what we’ve explored etc. A different member of the group is resposible for facilitaing the call each time.

Speaking of music:
@Zach! shared

...a thing I’ve been working on and dreaming of for a bit...
This is a Song Island. It contains a song, some words, and a picture. There’s a whole frontispiece for it, but everything is also held as a text file in zine/songIsland.zine…which means you can include it easily in other beaker sites. If you fork it, you’ll see an edit button and can make your own island to share your own favorite song with your cherished ones.

song island screenshot

Many more details in the post.

And yet more music related stuff...

@rgb(0,0,0) started building @cinnamon's Waffletone musical keyboard thing and is taking us along for the ride withe a build thread

waffletone circuit board...maybe

@glyph made "Sea Lettuce Soup" from locally gathered seaweed.

Soup in a bowl

New Folks

I occasionally see folks wondering if you could build a chat client on top of SSB. Well, it is not only possible, but it already exists.

It's called Scat and there's a command line client and a GUI client just remember to turn off any other SSB clients you have running at the same time. Right now it's my understanding that most SSB clients can't run simultaneously without... potential issues.

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Re: %uuBcCKHkP


@happy0 has "...been working with Openlaw to bring scuttlebutt into their back end architecture. While doing this, we’ve been able to work on some exciting open source work that I think will be useful to people as libraries to use and examples of how to achieve certain things.

  • Scuttlebutt Java functionality (just client for now, not server / replication)
  • A scuttlebutt akka persistence framework plugin

Details on both of these in their post.

@Hendrik Peter has continued to churn out new functionality on Tightbeam.

Tightbeam screenshots + tightbeam hub icon

tightbeam hum sketch

After @mix had put out his Patchbay patchqll branch I had to try. It went south fast with new features and functionality exploding into the app.

@polylith has shared their latest newsletter.

A black and white photograph of a small wave washing over pebbles. The water is clear and the pebbles are worn into round, smooth shapes.

@hugi has access to "...a post-industrial island Stora Höggarn in the Stockholm archipelago. We can host events using most of the island at a price that is pretty fair for the location, including access to some barns, warehouse spaces and a fully functional demilitarized minelayer with 20+ beds."

post-industrial island Stora Höggarn in the Stockholm archipelago

It's a very cool looking space and they're looking for ideas on how to take advantage of it. The photos of the old buildings and surrounding lands are pretty neat. Plus, who wouldn't want to have a conference with lodging options of bunkspace on a boat or camping? Ok, I can think of a few folks, but it sounds great to me.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald
Re: %uuBcCKHkP


@mix was working with a Pull Request for modifying hops in Patchbay...

I reviewed what she had made, but “describing hops” to someone using this in an accessible way is still super hard to do well concisely. So … I carved up this SVG from the protocol docs that @duncan made and I’ve made it respond dynamically to the slider.

modifying hops in patchbay

The post is here

Software Community Intersection

@SoapDog has put out a call for help for those graphically inclined individuals amongst us.

can someone help me with a logo for Patchfox? Many clients are just using our standard hermie which leads to some confusion, I think Patchfox needs some distinctive logo… I have no design skills, halp! plz!

In related news, they shared a little gif, with details of some of the UI progress in Patchfox showing the stages the avatar goes through as Patchfox boots and connects to the server.

And how you can now run Patchfox in the sidebar

Patchfox running in the browser's sidebar

@andrestaltz says

At data-terra-nemo I participated in a panel that had the following proposition:

  • What tools and frameworks are there and how can we use them today?
  • What are some of the apps we want to see in the future?

and then posted their notes from those questions.

@mix shared this interesting diagram of some of the projects and collectives around SSB.

graph of connecting ssb apps, funds, ventures, and cores


@mnin shared some of the current thinking for upcoming SSB Website Redesign.

ssb web site redesign idea notes

There are more details in the post.

@happy0 asked

Would any of you with the appropriate skills be interested in making a wee leaflet that we can print and put up on a place’s notice board that encourages people to try scuttlebutt?

I think it's a great idea for folks with nice coworkers.

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@The Scuttleverse Herald

the weekly - curated posts from the scuttleverse

Recent Days in Scuttlebutt

Totally Random

@dangerousbeans and friends found an abandoned boat a while ago and are raising funds to buy and fix it up to add to the scuttlefleet.

The plan is to turn Alchemist into a support vessel for everyone helping create a better solarpunk world

the alchemist sailboat silhouetted in front of the sunset

@SoapDog/SurfaceGo went to a Maker Faire and found mushrooms, mushroom jerkey, and mushroom playing cards.

shelf of mushrooms for sale

@gmarcos87 shared some beautiful pictures of a woman and child exploring the outdoors.

woman and child beside river standing amid sand and rocks

@Joey Hess shared a bonfire with us.

bonfire joey hess

@mix has added a large number of animated Pokemon gifs to the network. If you feel the need for such enhancements to your messages, they're there and waiting for you. The first of these posts is here



@IBob shared a bit about their new solar hot water setup.

solar water heater roof installation

@Joey Hess (a.k.a. Sisyphus) has been rolling large things up hills.

joey hess rolls water tank up hill through woods

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Re: %c+XZ7WmGH

@corlock is wondering if anyone would like to get together in Berlin Germany "...for another #crab-meet and go deep on some SSB docs ?" They're hoping to team up with others to tackle some documentation improvements as a group.

@elavoie shared that @cft's paper on "A Broadcast-Only Communication Model Based on Replicated Append-Only Logs" has been published in a Journal.

While the content of the paper has not been reviewed by other peers, because it is an editorial note, its inclusion in the journal means that the editors do think it is relevant to the current research communities....

The full post with more details is here.


@mix made a "demo cast" of ssb-patchql and shared the video on YouTube.

ssb-patchql demo video

@SoapDog/SurfaceGo has been tweaking Patchfox to use Spectre CSS and shared a screenshot.

Patchfox - Firefox Nightly 2019–05–26 12.02.57.png

@masukomi (me) wrote a post about accidentally creating an SSB client. The notable takeaway is that if you're a geek who's dissatisfied with one of the existing clients, it only takes a handful of calls to sbot and some way to organize and display the output (HTML, Markdown, whatever) to address your biggest complaints / concerns.

Speaking of custom clients, @Hendrik Peter has hared another Tightbeam update update with us.

tightbeem week 1

I started out writing a simple react-native front-end for Android and IOS that deals with showing data to a user. The Home-screen is starting to get some kind of design slowly.

More details in the post.

Editor's Note

As some of you know I've been job hunting for a while. Money has gotten tight, and today I went to Patreon and asked them to send me what had been collected so far in support of The Weekly. It's not much each month, but over time it builds up, and as of today the total had grown to ~$75 US.

That's probably not much to many of you. It didn't used to be much to me. But right now? That amount makes my heart swell with thanks. Thank you for being such a lovely community. Thank you for your support. Thanks for giving me that tiny bit of comfort.

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Re: %c+XZ7WmGH

@按豆 shared their plans for a homemade low cost bivvy tarp and asked for advice from anyone who might have it to offer.

bivvy tarp drawing


@dangerousbeans has shared the latest update of Guild Lands as well as a public instance of it.

Guild Lands

I'm not entirely sure what we're looking at, but it's neat.

@cblgh shared some updates on Cabal including images! Yayy. Still early stages, but this changes everything.

animated gif of cabal mini showing image support

@Fenwick later shared a new release to the cabal-clone client.

Cabal clone v0.3.0 animated gif screenshot

Software Community Intersection

@kas shared some interesting stats from Diaspora Europe which pretty clearly show that there being > 12k knows ids here and only ~150 (probably just a rough guess) daily posters is right in line with what we should be expecting.

dinoƧ𝔸Ⓤᖇ shared a link to "The 1% rule" in support of this idea.

Anecdotaly, It takes a huge number of people on a network to create a large active network, but the more users you have the faster it grows.

@kieran shared their experinces at Data Terra Nemo which included listening to talks from a number of 'butt scuttlers.

One thing they mentioned was Beaker Blue. On Twitter Beaker shared this Sketchnote overview of it

Beaker Blue sketchnote

According to kieran

beakerbrowser are making some super interesting innovations with, going more of the social network way, and making it easier and easier for almost anyone to build public applications.

@happy0 posted a series of photos from around town as well as some smiling 'butts like this one.

Rabble smiles while standing in front of posters


We have access to some money, and some of Mix's time for SSB "maintenance." What should that maintenance look like? What should they work on?

Leave your thoughts in this thread

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@The Scuttleverse Herald

the weekly - curated posts from the scuttleverse

Recent Days in Scuttlebutt

Totally Random

@punkmonk shared a very naughty cactus with us as well as the thoughts on its loving childhood.

naughty evil cactus with horns flips the bird

@cinnamon shared their creation of custom ergonomic musical instruments to compensate for Carpal Tunnel keeping them off of the piano.

waffletone instrument

If you're a geek who likes creating music I recommend you check out the post. It includes things like...

The regular grid means you can easily transpose a chord to any key just by sliding it around, keeping the same shape. That makes it 12 times faster to learn than piano, which has a unique hand shape for each transposition of a chord.

They've also included a link with instructions on how to build and play this.

On a vaguely related note they also posted about Janko giving away free keyboards in an attempt to drum up awareness of this more ergonomic keyboard layout.


@gwil @ home started making some interesting graphs of our world here with ssb-patchql

a directed graph visualization of part of the SSB network

Check out the "Geeky" section below for more about ssb-patchql.

@Will Schenk MacBook shared an event at the School for Poetic Computation with many interesting things like pictures of suicidal printers printing out cellular automata...

suicidal cellular automata printers

And tubes that chirped...

chirping tubes

More pictures and explanations in the post.

@elavoie shared their "Train - Ferry - Bike Trip from Grenoble (France) to Alghero (Sardinia, Italy)" to present a paper they'd written.

ferry sunset

@mulrich shared some "Cast-Iron Barbecue Pizza."

cast-iron barbecue pizza with ham - bazil leaves on it and nearby

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